Saturday, June 09, 2007

Update II: Dead Police Dog

I decided to pursue the mystery of the dead German Shepherd found outside my building. On my lunch break I went to the nearby Guard & Tracking Dogs Dept. for the Ministry of Interior.

Nice place I admit, very neat & very quiet. No telltale smell of any animals. The officer who greeted me at the gate was very polite & courteous. I simply said hello & wanted to talk to his superior, or whoever is responsible for the dogs. When he asked why, I switched on my camera & showed him the picture of the dead dog. He was VERY surprised and asked me to wait. So I waited for the length of a half a cigarette. He came out & told me, "We thank you for coming all the way out here, but we don't have any missing dogs, they're all accounted for. Please call the Customs Dept. in Shuwaikh Port and I'm pretty sure it's their dog."

For clarification, he DID state that this dog IS an official police dog used by General Customs Dept. & Ministry of Interior.

I called Customs when I got back to my office, oh man what a runaround I was given! I called, hold on let me check my phone...8 different numbers they have given me & none cooperated. I finally reached a dead end when a man said that they DON'T have sniffer dogs. (WTF?!).

Ok fine by me, thanks to PAWS and an email I have just received, they will publish this story in tomorrow's English newspapers & Arabic newspapers.

Note: Last night I took a good long look at my cat (remember? his name is Mouse). And interrogated him thoroughly, he didn't do it. He meowed his innocence & claimed that the Feline Mafia did it. His surgery is on Monday, snip-snip.


Jewaira said...

It was nice of you to try to get somewhere with this...odd that no one has claimed the dog.

Is that an official MOI harness / jacket on the dog?

Interesting to see what follows.

Your note was amusing...

Anonymous said...

Well I came home this afternoon & the dog was gone. Seems like the Baladeeya did their job.

It seems to be the official harness on the dog, or whoever did it would've been in deep trouble for that.

We'll see tomorrow's papers ;)

Desert Girl said...

The guy in charge of the ports, Suleiman Al-Fahad, raises German Shepherds and cares about dogs. I think I can find his mobile phone number if you want to contact him directly.

Sniffer dogs are valuable assets. You would think they would care about it.

It looked like a poisoning from your photos.

Anonymous said...

desert girl: hey long time! Anyhow, the Interior boys say 'talk to the Customs guys'. I tried & no use, they gave me the usual trademark runaround & all that bureaucratic bull.

Al-Fahad is in charge of the Ports Authorities not General Customs Dept.

But thanks anyway! The dog is long gone, unfortunately.