Monday, June 18, 2007

Royal Homocide in Qatar

A mother of 9 from the Al-Thani royal family in Qatar gave birth yesterday in an unnamed hospital. After delivery, the husband (not from the royal family) walked in on her and shot her twice, killing her.

Initially it was rumored he shot her because the baby wasn't his. But in the police report, it indicated that he has asked her to borrow money from her family and she refused. So he shot her.

Their eldest child is 12 yrs old and youngest is a day old.

What will their family tell them about mommy and daddy, I wonder?

Of course, this hasn't hit the newspapers due to her 'status'. I learned of this from my source within the family, thanks for the info!

You see readers, these are the sort of stories that you hear about in the Gulf countries, INCLUDING Kuwait. But they are never reported. Stories like these are usually buried and dismissed as rumors.

Murders, rapes and etc. This is so sad. I feel sad for the kids.

Nobody ever remains above the law, especially the law of God.


Anonymous said...

ishda3wa rashoood

Anonymous said...

ishda3wa 3ala sheno bethab6?

Intlxpatr said...

That is what I admire so much about Kuwait - they allow a press that prints the negative stories. It is painful, but part of transparency. The papers in Qatar print NOTHING - but word gets around.

True story - when I lived in Qatar, one (royal) child told her teacher (my friend) that her dad was out of jail, and the family was having a big party. He served 18 months for killing the little girl's mother when he found phone numbers on her mobile and called one and a man answered. Most people from the good families have at least one young man on "house arrest". It's jail for the royals - they can't go out, have those cuffs on their legs, so they have to be at home, but all their friends go there, and they have all their drugs and their servants, etc.

Anonymous said...

intlxpatr: true negative stories are printed in our papers. yet there are some stories that they won't dare print in fear of repercussion. As for Qatar, it's not worse than Saudi.

Fhaid said...

That's really sad :/
nothing more to say.

offmyhead said...

so how many girls can i rape and kill before being placed under house arrest

Desert Girl said...

I met a guy in Boston once who was a member of the Qatari royal family. His family wasn't allowing him back to Qatar (indefinately???) because he had shot and killed someone. So, he had a cool brownstone, a butler and a driver and went clubbing every night.

Jewaira said...