Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mouse the Cat

Now she can't say, "Marry me I want to have your kittens! Bwahaha! Damn that hurt."

I wonder what would happen if they start a neutering campaign for humans in China & India? Or should they spay? Depends on who 'needs' it more, eh?

I say we should chlorinate the human gene pool, starting with Kuwait.

Another one of my wacked posts.


Jewaira said...

poor baby!

Intlxpatr said...

She is beautiful!

My cat's previous owner was so offended when I got him neutered, like hey - get over it! You didn't keep the cat, and I am trying to do what I think is best!

She thinks you are her Daddy, now.

Anonymous said...

jewaira: he was so traumatized, but quite frisky today. I guess he's ok already. At least he stopped spraying our furniture >:)

intlxpatr: *ahem* Mouse is male actually...a psychotic one too. He's closer to my wife than to me. He doesn't come to me unless he wants something or if the wifey isn't around hehe

Vinod said...

hey mini,
thats a cute cat !!!
its really a crowd puller in all means.....

3baid said...

Kitty! :D