Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kidnapped Employees Returned Home

4 of our employees were kidnapped by armed gunmen since June 1st, 2007 from an African country. 

They have finally been released unharmed yesterday (June 23rd) to the relief of their families and the rest of us. Not that I know them, but I'm glad they're safe and sound. Since we work in the same company, it sort of gives everyone else the jitters sometimes.

Nobody is sure if Big Blue ever paid any ransom or not, but we sure have one helluva security team to be able to bring them back. Bravo boys (and/or girls).

Remember Proof of Life? FYI, it's quite real and these sort of companies DO exist. They're popularily known as PMCs or Private Military Companies. Also FYI, major corporations hire these people to do the dirty work for them. In a certain few, there is an in-house department that employs: professional negotiators, armed security personnel (mercenaries) and several other types of 'special' people.

Here is a list of some of the popular ones:

1- Blackwater Security Company (Remember the fiasco in Iraq?)

3- DynCorp International (Currently available in Kuwait)

Interesting info, no? :)

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Desert Girl said...

I worked for a logistics company in Kuwait and had the rare opportunity of attending a week-long hostage negotiations training course. I am so glad I did it. The hostage negotiators are truly compassionate people who care about what they do. I learned so much in such a short period of time. I think the most important aspect was learning to recognize group dynamics and working together with all our varied perspectives for a collective benefit. You don't have to like the people you work with, but you can learn from what they have to say.