Sunday, June 10, 2007

Attention Wakeboarders!

For all the wakeboarders in Kuwait, I'm putting together a team to give wakeboarding lessons & in the future to participate in competitions. If you're interested in helping out, then I'd appreciate it if you can email me your info: (or comment here if you're too damn lazy).

Anyhow, what we're looking for is a boat that already has an overhead pylon, or an underwater gear attachment. And...get your own boards n gear! (Please no yachts. I'll keep my arms in my sockets, thank you very much.)

The boat expenses, repairs & such will be paid for from the training fees.

So if you're interested, drop me a line and let's organize something fun. Keep in mind, we don't have any decent wakeboarding 'schools' in the country. So let's make one official!

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