Saturday, May 19, 2007

UPDATE: Pet Food Recall

In my previous post, I mentioned that a recall for tainted pet food has been going on for a couple of months.

I provided a list of tainted foods for all to see and to make sure that their pet food is alright.

Now the list has been expanded to include MORE foods which contain the tainted vegetable proteins and/or wheat gluten.

Please see the FDA's website for more information. Also for a comprehensive list of all recalled pet foods, click here.

In other news: my cat's eye is getting worse, I'm suspecting glaucoma. Will take him to the vet and leave him there for more tests. :/


Judy Abbott said...

i hope you know about the vet. in wafra, they are the best place we dealt with until today.

Яeema said...

i take my pet's to 7awally
near 7awally park


mini-r !
min 9ijik you have a cat?

ترا فهمت البوست أشوه

you have 2 credits

i got it and i visit you

Anonymous said...

judy: of course, thats the only place i take him to. ;)

Reema: tara 7awally mo shay, the one ely fe mina 3abdallah wayed a7san. wayed professionals oo very good service. LOL thanks for the visit..akheeran fehamteeni? :P

of course i have a cat oo his name is Mouse. :P

jay said...

you and your stupid animal..

Anonymous said...

jay: You like my stupid animal. :P