Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Recalls Galore: Solution Causes Blindness!

More recalls, first it was our pets. Now it's us. New form of weapons of mass destruction? What the hell is going on here? But this time, the products aren't Chinese (sorry guys.) they're home-grown American products.

For more details click here.

Just a heads up to all the contact addicts. And keep in mind, if you USED this solution. You have to throw away your CONTACTS AND SOLUTION. Buy new contacts and go for another type of solution NOT made by Advanced Medical Optics.

Here is an announcement targeted to consumers by AMO. (PDF file)

UPDATE: I went to a pharmacy last night & asked for a different solution for my wife "Fresh Look". He gave me that Complete Care made by AMO. So I asked him, "Did you know there's a recall on these products? They cause blindness." And he replied, "No, only ReNu was recalled last year but this is a good product, Ministry of Health endorsed it."
I replied, "Forget the Ministry, check online I'll give you the website if you want..." He interrupted, "No no it's ok, there's no recall on this. This is the best solution. Besides, online news isn't real."

See the mentality of a dumbass pharmacist who doesn't bother to keep up with news? Only to follow whatever the Ministry says.


Judy Abbott said...


NO WONDER my sight gets better without lenses.

EniGma said...

COMPLETE?! That's the one I use :/

Delicately Realistic said...

god, ive used that a few times.

dr husam at international opticians always tells me not to use it and to use "opti-free"

Anonymous said...

judy: g'thing i don't even wear lenses. Besides, wearing lenses in Kuwait is a bad idea, what with all that dust always hanging around. It kills the eyes.

enigma: oui oui, get rid of it and get rid of ur contacts.

realistic: he's a smart man, i like the ppl at Int'l Optics, only it took them 2 months to 'create' my glasses lol

Kleio said...

The contact solution was because of a manufacturing plant in China. Read this article. It'll also give you information on specific lot numbers that were recalled so you can check if your solution bottle came from the contaminated batches.

There has also been a toothpaste recall, also because of Chinese manufacturers. here is some more information on that.

This is getting ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

kleio: I agree, too ridiculous! I wonder how many deaths it took to wake the Americans up? And how come none of our people this side of the world ever woke up to that fact?

I still think it's a Chinese world dominance plan. :P

Kthekuwaiti said...

I wrote about the ReNu stuff last year .. it took the MOH a very long time to come around and ban it.

Anonymous said...

K: Ministries here are usually run by a bunch of illiterate 3rd graders. Even a lot of doctors think they know better when they really know zilch.