Saturday, May 05, 2007

Have A Pet? Watch What It Eats: It's Getting Worse

I'm not sure if you read the news about the pet food recall going on in the U.S.

Well I say you should be worried if you own a cat and/or a dog, we use the same foods sold in the U.S.

Some pet foods were found to have a certain chemical called melamine which caused the death of several cats and dogs. So if you really care about your pet, check here to see if the food you bought is on the recall list or not. They have thoughtfully provided Excel, Word and PDF documents to download & take with you to the supermarket whenever you're going to buy food for your pet.

Some great info on the tainted food can be found also here.

Good luck. :)


eshda3wa said...

i dont own any pets
bs 7araam!

ppl are just heartless sometimes

Mark said...

Thanks for the heads up
I hope my dog is fine

Anonymous said...

eshda3wa: it might be an accident, who knows..this stuff is found in fertilizer too. :)

mark: uw..hope so too, i just got in from the vet last night. my cat is pretty sick. :/

Intlxpatr said...

I had already checked, and smugly thought I was OK - back in April. Once Sparkle commented on my blog that dry pet food also contained the melamines, I came directly to your blog once again. Thanks for posting the information; I could check within seconds without having to search.

Sara said...

Thaanx 3al information I have 2 cats o i hope ena akelhom maykon feh hal ashyaa :/

Thaaanx again for posting hal ma3lomat ..

Anonymous said...

intlxpatr: you're welcome. i'll post more info if anything new comes up. :)

sara: inshallah mafeehum shay, just read on the labels of the cat food, you'll see if they have the tainted wheat gluten or not.