Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Recalls Galore: Solution Causes Blindness!

More recalls, first it was our pets. Now it's us. New form of weapons of mass destruction? What the hell is going on here? But this time, the products aren't Chinese (sorry guys.) they're home-grown American products.

For more details click here.

Just a heads up to all the contact addicts. And keep in mind, if you USED this solution. You have to throw away your CONTACTS AND SOLUTION. Buy new contacts and go for another type of solution NOT made by Advanced Medical Optics.

Here is an announcement targeted to consumers by AMO. (PDF file)

UPDATE: I went to a pharmacy last night & asked for a different solution for my wife "Fresh Look". He gave me that Complete Care made by AMO. So I asked him, "Did you know there's a recall on these products? They cause blindness." And he replied, "No, only ReNu was recalled last year but this is a good product, Ministry of Health endorsed it."
I replied, "Forget the Ministry, check online I'll give you the website if you want..." He interrupted, "No no it's ok, there's no recall on this. This is the best solution. Besides, online news isn't real."

See the mentality of a dumbass pharmacist who doesn't bother to keep up with news? Only to follow whatever the Ministry says.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Plate of Barf, Anyone?

Breaded barf? Or Vomit A La Carte? How about a puke croissant? Or even better, an "up chuck parfait"!

Seriously, if you can't spell then get a professional, idiot. Someone should do a "Anti-Fucked-Up-Spelling Campaign" in this country!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

UPDATE: Pet Food Recall

In my previous post, I mentioned that a recall for tainted pet food has been going on for a couple of months.

I provided a list of tainted foods for all to see and to make sure that their pet food is alright.

Now the list has been expanded to include MORE foods which contain the tainted vegetable proteins and/or wheat gluten.

Please see the FDA's website for more information. Also for a comprehensive list of all recalled pet foods, click here.

In other news: my cat's eye is getting worse, I'm suspecting glaucoma. Will take him to the vet and leave him there for more tests. :/

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Complete Failures: Higher Council for the Disabled in Kuwait

Why is it when an institution created to help people, are always failures in every aspect?

First of all, they are the most disorganized and have no respect at all for anyone: handicapped and not handicapped alike!

When a person goes to inquire about something or other, they give answers that have nothing to do with the question asked.

Take me for example: I went almost 7 months ago to apply for a certain service which involved very minimal paperwork. Oh and it was during Ramadan, so if I got there at 9am, no one is there. If I got there at 12pm, they all left to their homes already. So I timed it, seriously...I got there at exactly 10:01am and grabbed one of them ninjas by the scruff of the neck when she tried to run for the car.

Nah kidding.

Anyway, that certain piece of paper that I needed from them, only takes a week to process. Of course they only accept applicants on certain days. My day was a Sunday. Every Sunday for 6 months I got the same "We still didn't review it." When I finally got it after thousands of phone bills, gas bills and nearly getting fired from work. You know what I asked?

"Is all of Kuwait handicapped? Or is it just you guys are mentally incapable of putting a signature on a single piece of paper?" She smiled and laughed merrily. I didn't crack a joke you moron.

Anyhow, their services are shit. They need a complete re-organization. They need to re-evaluate their applicants.

I saw a perfectly normal guy with a very mild hearing loss in one ear applying and got the status of "severely deaf and seriously handicapped. OH MY GOD IT'S A VEGETABLE!".

What kind of shit is that? Of course, it's called wasta.

Oh and check their lame site: DHC

Anyhow I don't trust them anymore. Thanks, I'll stay deaf. I like the way I am you bastards.

(I'm a very pissed off person these days, I advise you to be nice to me.) Hmm let's see who my next post will be about. Most likely the Ministry of Interior, another bunch of bumbling flunkies.

I'm not smiling. I'm baring my teeth at you.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Have A Pet? Watch What It Eats: It's Getting Worse

I'm not sure if you read the news about the pet food recall going on in the U.S.

Well I say you should be worried if you own a cat and/or a dog, we use the same foods sold in the U.S.

Some pet foods were found to have a certain chemical called melamine which caused the death of several cats and dogs. So if you really care about your pet, check here to see if the food you bought is on the recall list or not. They have thoughtfully provided Excel, Word and PDF documents to download & take with you to the supermarket whenever you're going to buy food for your pet.

Some great info on the tainted food can be found also here.

Good luck. :)