Monday, April 30, 2007

Spanked: Ouch? Not.

Due to mounting pressure & security, I was forced to delete the previous post which I posted last week. Thanks to a friend who gave me the heads up.

Just to clear a few things up, I'd like to make a statement:

First of all, this is a blog. A blog is meant to share information, views, personal opinions. Or even to bitch at the government, which I haven't done...yet.

You're all welcome to comment, you can curse me, you can call me rude or even love me. But dear readers, I DO read your comments, but they don't really affect me one way or another. Rant all you want. Plan for my assassination.


I started this blog in order to express myself and post a few useful things I come across. Even if I post bad poetry and think it's art, that's my business and not yours.

You don't like what I say or show on here? Pack up your shit and go elsewhere then. No great loss, I'm not serving customers here.

I'm sure my brother agrees with me (Negatively Charged). If you don't, we'll have a big bro to lil bro talk. :P

Anyhow, I deleted the previous post out of respect to the person involved, she IS a good person, I never said she isn't. Also I haven't mentioned names or entities. She IS also a friend as well as a colleague, and she handled this incident in a remarkable way. I couldn't have done it any better, I would've gone in a laughing jag and then the men in the white coats will have to be called in.

Yet, I posted to share. So for SOME of you who took a sudden interest in my blog, I suggest you go read what's in my archive. You'll hate it, trust me. :)

And for the regular readers (especially the invisible ones, I SEE YOU!), enjoy whatever it is I post next.

Or not.

P.S. For those of you who love to comment & like to name names. I will start deleting those comments, come to you and kick your teeF in.


eshda3wa said...


i got similar complaints once about the way i sound or make fun of things

excuse u go preach elsewhere

and good 4 u for not caring what others think
this is ur blog u do what u want!


EniGma said...

ur blog, ur rules!

Anonymous said...

eshda3wa: powa to da bloguh

enigma: of course.

(comments are short cuz im working my arse off here)

Commenter said...

Awwwww, people should K.E.E.P. it real and stop ruining blogging peace

Anonymous said...

Commenter: you can say that again :)