Friday, March 02, 2007

Red, Red Martian Dust

I woke up in the middle of the night for the billionth time. Amazingly, I 'heard' something. So I plugged in my bionic ears. And what I heard was the wind keening like some nympho banshee outside my window.

I look out and see...nothing. Hmm. I blink several times then sneezed. Uh oh. I smell dust. I switched on the lights, lo and behold! My spotless white bedroom floor has turned RED!

I literally ran around my house like a maniac, setting the security shutters down and closing the 3 windows I had open. Mouse's room. You can see his paw prints and my footprints on the dust covered floor. I look at my lovely furniture...dust...dust...DUST EVERYWHERE!

Even my cat went nuts! He dashed into the bedroom and hid under the covers, idiot cat.

Funny thing is, cats are cute when they sneeze. But him, he sneezes and staggers like a drunk. Hehehe.

The house smells like crap. Furnitures, carpets and floors are coated with the red, red martian dust. WHY ME?!

Anyway, I went back to sleep (sneezed myself into a coma more like it.). Woke up this morning and rolled up the shutters again. Oh man, the wife is going to literally have a baby elephant if she saw this. (Honey, I'm sure you're reading's not my fault! I swear!)

Looks like I'm going to have to skip Friday Night's Risk Tourney. Supposed to be a big night tonight. 5 players battling for world domination, a bloodbath.

What am I talking about? *deep breath*

Ok, deep breath. Roll up the sleeves and roll up the sweatpants. Start cleaning! I need a battalion of me to clean all this. Who's panicking? I'm not panicking! HELP!

Who knows, I might lose some more weight with all this exercise. Wish me luck, readers. Mr. Kleen is on a mission today...and tonight...and most likely until next week..

*bangs head on keyboard*


eshda3wa said...

im so glad im not u rite now

Sene said...

I can really understand your position. All Friday I spent cleaning my house,LOL!