Thursday, March 22, 2007

For Mac Users: Writing to NTFS Formatted HDs

Dear All,

I'm sure you have tried to plug in your Winbl0wz formatted external hard disk into your Mac OSX before. Only to find out that you can only read, but cannot write (copy) files into it.

Well I never really had a need for that until my colleague and several others started complaining about it. One actually was THIS close to getting rid of his Mac! *gasps*

There's a nifty little utility I found online called NTFS-3G, if you're a Unix geek then you'd understand the technical details about it here.

Download NTFS-3G + MacFUSE Tools: 1.0

Install as you would install any .dmg file. When done, it's recommended to restart your computer. Then plug in your NTFS formatted external hard drive and you will be able to copy/paste/edit any file from your Mac to the HD.

IN CASE it doesn't work, you need to do a bit of Unixy Geeky OS Xy stuff, email me for more help. Or if you'd like to do it yourself, then go to this excellent blog where I found all the goodies!

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