Friday, March 16, 2007

Arabs and Nukes

According to the papers, Kuwait is looking for alternative ways to provide electricity. And of course we are looking to build nuke power plants.

Surprisingly, Kuwait is on the market to build those massive LNGs (Liquified Natural Gas) plants. Now you know how much THOSE cost?

My wife asked me a good question regarding this bit of news, "Can Kuwait afford to build nuclear plants and LNG refineries?".

I don't know the answer to that. But I know for sure that once a natural gas plant is built here. We're going to have one helluva job market AND shitloads of cash.

As for nuclear? Uhmm...where is it going to be built? Who's going to build it? Egypt? *chuckles*

It won't be Chernobyl, it'll be Dohable or Shuaibable heh.

In other news, U.S. will bomb Iran on April 6th, so where are we going?

I have a nuke proof bunker in my house, admission: KD5 per person, each extra hour: KD25 per person.

Bring your own blankets and toilet paper.

No screaming brats allowed.

No credit.

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eshda3wa said...

more bombs
im so tierd of bombs
someone tell the US to find a new activity to pass time