Thursday, March 22, 2007

For Mac Users: Writing to NTFS Formatted HDs

Dear All,

I'm sure you have tried to plug in your Winbl0wz formatted external hard disk into your Mac OSX before. Only to find out that you can only read, but cannot write (copy) files into it.

Well I never really had a need for that until my colleague and several others started complaining about it. One actually was THIS close to getting rid of his Mac! *gasps*

There's a nifty little utility I found online called NTFS-3G, if you're a Unix geek then you'd understand the technical details about it here.

Download NTFS-3G + MacFUSE Tools: 1.0

Install as you would install any .dmg file. When done, it's recommended to restart your computer. Then plug in your NTFS formatted external hard drive and you will be able to copy/paste/edit any file from your Mac to the HD.

IN CASE it doesn't work, you need to do a bit of Unixy Geeky OS Xy stuff, email me for more help. Or if you'd like to do it yourself, then go to this excellent blog where I found all the goodies!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gumball 3000 - 2007's Race

Gumball 3000 is the best thing to ever happen to this world since Mountain Dew, well to me that is.

The 2007 rally is about to begin on the 28th of April, I wonder who's in it this time?

28,000 GBP for a new participant + 12,000 GBP for a co-driver/passenger. Hmm sounds like a good idea, also they need at least 2 sponsors for your car. ANY car can participate. I wonder if anyone would sponsor me in my Cooper to join the race? ice cream van was in the race! So why not?!

I'll check with Kuwait Finance House for sponsorship, haha.

Damn, I'm so wanting to join this 8 day, 3000 mile rockfest. Anyone interested? ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Number Plate Sold for Dh 3.12 Million

A colleague of mine accidentally pasted the link in my chat window (Thanks N!), but I couldn't resist taking a look. I know, curiosity killed the cat and all that bullshit.

My 1st reaction when reading this was "HOLY SHIT?! THEY GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!"

Seriously, us GCC Citizens are suckers when it comes to vanity. Losers.

And one question, why does the UAE gov'mint need more money? Reminds me of Kuwait and "Our budget deficit"


Read below or click here:

About Dh30m raised for government funds

Published: 18/03/2007 12:00 AM (UAE)
Gulf News
By Daniel Bardsley, Staff Reporter

Dubai: A two-digit number plate was sold in Dubai yesterday for a record-breaking Dh3.12 million.

Plate No E15 was the most expensive of the dozens of prestigious numbers sold at an auction by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Other expensive buys among the 79 plates that went under the hammer were F30, which went for Dh2.2 million and E60 at Dh1.76 million.

Yesterday's auction at the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel was the seventh of its kind conducted by the RTA, but the first one in which two-digit plates were up for grabs. A total of about Dh30 million was raised for government funds.

Abdul Rahman Khalifa Al Shair, Director of Legal Affairs at the RTA, said: "This is more than we expected. The figures are very high."

The previous record at one of the RTA's "Distinguished Number Plate Auctions" was Dh230,000 for a three-digit plate.

Up a gear

Early five-digit plates in the auction, such as F99990 and F33330, went for between Dh32,000 and Dh89,000, but things moved up a gear when sales of the four-digit numbers began, with F1010 going for Dh172,000.

A few three-digit numbers came close to breaking through the Dh1 million barrier, with F555 selling for Dh900,000. "Some of them are buying at auction to sell on, while others are buying for themselves. Anybody can buy but there is no special treatment on the road for people with these plates. They are just for show," Al Shair said.

When asked why people choose to invest in special number plates, he added: "It's like buying a Mercedes instead of a cheap car. Why buy a Mercedes when you can have a small vehicle?"

One of those buying a plate was Mustafa Hayavi, an Emirati who runs a trading company. He secured F3030 with a bid of Dh64,000.

"This is a nice number and it's a good price," said Hayavi, who currently drives a 5-series BMW but said he will not be using the plate for the time being.

"Me and my friends we have several numbers. We can sell them later on," he said. Before the RTA began selling number plates, number plate auctions were organised by Dubai Police.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Arabs and Nukes

According to the papers, Kuwait is looking for alternative ways to provide electricity. And of course we are looking to build nuke power plants.

Surprisingly, Kuwait is on the market to build those massive LNGs (Liquified Natural Gas) plants. Now you know how much THOSE cost?

My wife asked me a good question regarding this bit of news, "Can Kuwait afford to build nuclear plants and LNG refineries?".

I don't know the answer to that. But I know for sure that once a natural gas plant is built here. We're going to have one helluva job market AND shitloads of cash.

As for nuclear? Uhmm...where is it going to be built? Who's going to build it? Egypt? *chuckles*

It won't be Chernobyl, it'll be Dohable or Shuaibable heh.

In other news, U.S. will bomb Iran on April 6th, so where are we going?

I have a nuke proof bunker in my house, admission: KD5 per person, each extra hour: KD25 per person.

Bring your own blankets and toilet paper.

No screaming brats allowed.

No credit.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

For Cat Owners: Useful tips!

Princesita really cracked me up with her post about bathing cats. Believe me all, it's a very traumatizing experience, especially if you are a novice!

Check it out here, VERY useful tips if you are a cat owner!

Thanks Princess for making my day so much better with a good long laugh! :D

You're da BEST!

Happy 108th Post to meeeeeeeee! Nothing special about #108, just felt like it.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Red, Red Martian Dust

I woke up in the middle of the night for the billionth time. Amazingly, I 'heard' something. So I plugged in my bionic ears. And what I heard was the wind keening like some nympho banshee outside my window.

I look out and see...nothing. Hmm. I blink several times then sneezed. Uh oh. I smell dust. I switched on the lights, lo and behold! My spotless white bedroom floor has turned RED!

I literally ran around my house like a maniac, setting the security shutters down and closing the 3 windows I had open. Mouse's room. You can see his paw prints and my footprints on the dust covered floor. I look at my lovely furniture...dust...dust...DUST EVERYWHERE!

Even my cat went nuts! He dashed into the bedroom and hid under the covers, idiot cat.

Funny thing is, cats are cute when they sneeze. But him, he sneezes and staggers like a drunk. Hehehe.

The house smells like crap. Furnitures, carpets and floors are coated with the red, red martian dust. WHY ME?!

Anyway, I went back to sleep (sneezed myself into a coma more like it.). Woke up this morning and rolled up the shutters again. Oh man, the wife is going to literally have a baby elephant if she saw this. (Honey, I'm sure you're reading's not my fault! I swear!)

Looks like I'm going to have to skip Friday Night's Risk Tourney. Supposed to be a big night tonight. 5 players battling for world domination, a bloodbath.

What am I talking about? *deep breath*

Ok, deep breath. Roll up the sleeves and roll up the sweatpants. Start cleaning! I need a battalion of me to clean all this. Who's panicking? I'm not panicking! HELP!

Who knows, I might lose some more weight with all this exercise. Wish me luck, readers. Mr. Kleen is on a mission today...and tonight...and most likely until next week..

*bangs head on keyboard*

Thursday, March 01, 2007


It's Wednesday, well..technically Thursday. 1:32am and I can't sleep. Need I say more?