Thursday, November 23, 2006


I woke up this morning and gazed around my strange surroundings. Where the hell am I?! Oh. I almost forgot.
Finally after a long and hectic 3 months, here I am again. Hello bloggers! Missed you. Missed me?

I miss myself.

Anyhow, I'm doing alright for those of you who're curious. And for those who are still curious...none of your freaking business. Been busy doing this and that. Living life...oh by the way, there actually IS a life to live in Kuwait! All you gotta do is look in the right places. *winks*

My feet are cold. I have no idea what to write today, I'm still going through my 1st cup of coffee for the day. And what I'm doing up this early on a Thursday morning? I have no clue. It's 11:30am, ugh.

G'morning Bloggers. Have a nice weekend! I'll post a bit more later when my brain starts functioning normally.

My nose is cold.


Blue Ice Envy Bis said...

I thought that you stopped blogging!

Marzouq said...

Welcome back Mini.. lets see what you have to say about the real world now! hehehehe!

*~Princesita~* said...

Welcome back Mini-Я!

LaiaLy_q8 said...

welcome back ;)

ananyah said...

ur so chirpy coz u got married :P

poor wife I hope she knows what she's getting herself into hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!