Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Great Farewell Lunch!

Today I had a nice surprise in wait for me when called back up into the IT Workshop. Mr. John, the greatest Danish guy this side of the Arab world surprised me with a very nice farewell lunch.
Many thanks go to everyone who participated in this sweet surprise!

Note: The pictures are NOT edible! (Click to enlarge)


More food!

Salad anyone?


Can't really have lunch without sweets, right?

Thanks Mr. John K. for your kindness, I'm sure you will be reading this and laughing that GREAT laugh of yours! Don't forget, I'm going to be taking you to the best Kebab place you've ever been to in your whole life.
(Don't forget the beer?! Or do you guys call it lager?)

Also my thanks go to my boss, co-workers and all the great staff. Especially those of you who've made my stay worthwhile. I'll miss you guys!

And of course, Mijo...I know I should've waited till you came back from your trip. I'm sorry for that, but I will come visit you as soon as you're back, that's a promise. Enjoy the Italian weather! ;)

Finally, the elite Network guys ROCK! There never was a dull moment and I'm going to miss our jokes and especially your friendship. You guys are absolutely the BEST ever. The company is lucky to have such a unique team. Keep it up!
(Abu Abbas: Congrats on your firstborn son! I'll come back & put my hand on your monitor again while you're working just for the hell of it..)


No3iK said...

seems like a nice staff and company uve been with mini

i think theyre lucky for having u

best of luck ;)
o 3laikum bl 3afya ;)

ps. i dont see any milk or cows!! lol

Marzouq said...

Inshalla everything will be good! looks like a good place to be working!

7amdilla erte7t ehnaak! :)

AyyA said...

who's farewell lunch?

Jewaira said...

What a nice spread!
So you are leaving them...but not leaving us I hope :)

LaiaLy_q8 said...

That's really nice of them

i hope when i start working i find a good place like that

Anonymous said...

no3ik: oh i hid them under the desk so they won't eat the salad. ;)

marzouq: yep..i really hate leaving them, they're great people.

ayya: MY farewell lunch, i left the company. & i'm SO happy to see you on my wonder it looks so good today ;)

jewaira: i rarely stay put in one place, unless tied down. ;)

laialy: oh i'm sure you would find great people :)

Negatively Charged said...

Oh man ! lots of kabab ! why didnt you call?!

AyyA said...

I’m always here,It’s a pleasure, even when I don’t comment :)

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