Saturday, August 19, 2006


Ronald McDonald scared me. My dog Cindy. Holding on to my brother's thumb while sleeping. Dad's old Pinto. Tallie & I frightened of the clown at Bourbon St. in New Orleans. Sledding down Scott's Hill at the park. Smokey Mountain. Playing flipjack in class while the air raid sirens wailed. Tornado ripping through Ft. Hayes. Depressing Ft. Wayne. Ms. Bundy. "The Little Blue Man". Dancing the Square Dance with Ms. Elie at the annual Thanksgiving fair (my feet never touched the floor). Watching a basketball bounce endlessly on it's own as a hurricane ripped through. My slingshot. First Huffy bike. Disney World, Seaworld, Six Flags and the Ozarks. 4th of July fireworks and the cops. The little dachshund that chased me for almost a mile down the road & nipping at my heels as I ran crying breathlessly. Running screaming in fear from my aunts as they tried to hug me in their 'ninja' garb. Being Superman & jumping in a pool fully-clothed with a bookbag & a lunchbox. Dancing at a Beach Boys concert. Transformers, Go-Bots, M.A.S.K. and G.I. Joe toys. Tonka truck & the sandbox. Snake that swam in my kiddie pool & mom's hysterical screams as I played with it. Black Racer snake that chased me in the woods. Crush on Julie. Playing the recorder. Little brother breaking my nose with a head-butt. Little brother breaking my teeth with the authentic handcuffs. Little brother chipping my tooth by slamming a hand on the bottle I was drinking from. Carrying little brother and kissing him as a newborn. Little brother yanks my hair happily while I cry. Playing Lego with little brother & telling him stories.

"Wolf Gang: Jack, Cindy, Sylvia & Mark."




No3iK said...

ummmm ...
like i told u on the msn
it felt like someone was dying and his life flashbacked in one sec
very quickly very messy
but vividly
i really liked it
its bit arty :)

and u left gabreya separate and alone.
nice ! ;)

Marzouq said...

Those got my mind thinking about when I was a kid and all the little incidents I have had! Lots of em! hehehe! Nice

LaiaLy_q8 said...

i am lost

Negatively Charged said...

poor little brother lol .. dont blame me for braking your teeth .. open your eyes next time :P

Anonymous said...

no3ik: sometimes the little insignificant things can pretty much decide the course of your life. Most of those actually have made changes in my life..or changed my outlook of life. & thanks :)

marzouq: Yeah..makes you want to just space out & think of all those things huh? & laugh a bit at yourself lol..that's exactly what happened to me. ;)

laialy: I'm sorry we don't provide roadmaps for my mind at this 7 Eleven, try the next station 35 miles down the road. :P

charged: poor lil bro huh? you used to LAUGH! remember when you used to cry: you're gonna die! you're gonna die!
LOL...sej 3abee6 :P

الزهرمار said...
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Bella Color said...

Flashbacks... dont u just love them!

They can bring bliss to the mind, sometimes!

"Snake that swam in my kiddie pool & mom's hysterical screams as I played with it." LooooooooooooL... this part cracked me up!

Interesting post :)

Anonymous said...

alzahermar: ta3abt nafsek.

bella: or they can bring pain to the mind? i'm glad you like :)

more to come inshallah..

LaiaLy_q8 said...


too funny

i_live_in_Q8 said...

jabria SUCK!
Join the club I live in Qadsia now! where my house still in Jabriah! DOWN WITH JABRIA Za7ma!
Dude, I could cry right now!

Jewaira said...

What a monstrous little brother! :P
Loved this.

Anonymous said...

i_live_in_q8: nah my story is different, doesn't involve the za7ma lol..just sweet old memories there ;)

jewaira: oooh..ur presence makes me blush :P
he's not that evil anymore..sometimes..i think..oh i dunno..but he's cool, the sort you can trust to watch your back...

as long as he's paid. :P

No3iK said...

lol mini
i liked the "as long as hes paid"

Anonymous said...

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Negatively Charged said...

6ay7eelah 7ash el rabe3 ! khalas ya yoba that was like 18 years ago when i broke his tooth! oo el mishkela shayel eb galba he still wont forget :P

and it is NOT true that hes paying me to watch his back ! NOT true :P

Kat said...

very very cool sweetie. I should do something like this for my blog. may scare some ppl to read my memory lane. ;)

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AyyA said...

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