Saturday, August 05, 2006


I just can't fathom how cruel humans can be. Is it part of our makeup? Has God created us to hurt? To destroy? To ignore the pleading cries for help? The cries of pain?

What of the little baby? Bawling out its rage into being yanked out of that protective womb? Raging against the cruelty of being brought out into this cold world, where it will have to live a lifetime of pain? Happiness may exist, yet it is so sublime.

Where do we lay blame? Loved ones leaving others behind, whether willfully or through death. How can such a cruel test of faith even be possible? How can the mortal man actually be able to bear the pain of seeing his loved one go away?

Millions die. Millions of lives snuffed like a guttering candle.

Humans are exterminating themselves to the point of extinction. Whoever said that predatory animals are a danger to humans, is wrong! WRONG! Humans are the real threat, the ultimate predator. The ultimate killer of animals, nature and of mankind.

The population has been accelerating at such breakneck speed, it's beyond imagination. Billions of human beings crawling over this slab of rock and mud that they call Earth. Earth is home. Humans for centuries have waged war unto Earth and upon themselves. A never ending war in which Man is determined to win. A war in which Man can be so gluttonous and so horribly merciless.

Mankind is committing suicide. The billions expanding and expanding, it seems like it will never end. Bloated beyond proportions. Soon to implode upon itself, where all of Mankind will cease to exist.

Only the distant memory of those cries remain...Man's cry for salvation, erased by eternal silence.


No3iK said...


ur post hurts!! it really does
i hate me! i hate us and i hate you!

humans are bloodsucking waraholics!
we cant live in peace anymore, we cant simply have what we have and feel satisfied or happy anymore.

we need to fight we need anger we need to bleed and hurt.

ur right, humans are the real threat
god gave us a blessing called "the mind"
we turned it into a big stupid "deadly weapon"

good for us!
may they all burn in HELL.

just woke up im at work its 8:50 am and this is the 1st thing i read!! that would put me ina very good mood for today, so thank you mini ;p

Chai-7aleeb said...


No3iK said...

loooooooooool chai 7aleeeb

bada3t :p

i wish i was ummmmmmmmm ....

i wish i was ..............

!!!! mako shay !!!!!!

- thinks really hard -

ok ok, i wish i was "water" ok water is good ... ;)

15/09 said...

it sucks doesnt it? what i really hate is that everyone can change but that we choose to play the game as it is...

Bella Color said...

"Man is never satisfied unless he's dead" (or something like that; i heard this quote long time ago & it soooo true!!)

mankind is a greedy creature who always wants more!

Let say 'some humans' r leechlike...

ZiZoTiMe said...

3alashan chethy oboy enadeeny ya e7mar o ana e9gheeer!! Ma ybeeny e9er methel hal nas! Not i got it :P

Mini R... Ma kent adry enek kateb keeeber! 5 out of 5 ya ragel ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks everyone for your comments :)

zizo: lail7een int ma sheft shay ;)

FilmGirl said...

Millions die. Millions of lives snuffed like a guttering candle.
Nicely said. You've got a way with words :)..

This post was.. a wake up call. Shows you how greedy the human species is. You are right, humans ARE the real threat.

Anonymous said...

Film: Thanks..I haven't written like that in comes in spurts like some old rusty car lol..

& welcome to my blog :)

Marzouq said...

Very moving.. and very true..

Like its said "Guns dont kill people, people kill people"

The strong step on the weak and that is the world we live in now!

Aurora said...

I don't want to sound like the one with her head stuck in the mud, hatred and war and greed and craving of power do exist A LOT! Yes I agree. But don't you think that, just like you mentioned, happiness, good people and enjoyment in life exists as well?
Again, all that bad stuff is widely spread and it is a shame and we humans are to blame, but don't you think that life is too short to be so upset and blaming of oneself? That if you want change you should at least start with yourself and have a positive attitude towards life? I just feel so bad when people loose faith in life and human kind..good people still exist...

By the DO have a way with words...write some more :)

Negatively Charged said...


The Grenadine said...

Birthrates around the world are higher than deathrates. I would have to disagree with "humans killing each other to extinction".

Death is part of life. An essential one. Maybe the cause of some deaths is not ideal, but God has little to do with it, its humans who do.

No3ik: Anger is not needed. Infact, Allah even recommends that we try and control our anger and put it aside:
A) It is not good for your health, as it raises blood pressure, and quickly elevates adrenaline at an unhealthy speed, unlike exercise which is gradual.
B) We are no longer rational when we let anger take over, and more often than not regret our words and actions after our fits of rage.

If we are going to fight, it is best to have our minds together, and keep ourselves collected.

The Grenadine said...

Don't lose sight of the goodness of mankind either... remember this Minir.

Not everyone is as bad as you think they are... so always be hopeful, dont lose faith, and always be willing to give a second chance.

NuNu™ said...

mankind is a selfish creature who never think of anyone else but himself!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

I KNOW there are good people out there, I never lost my faith in them...especially some that know who they are. :)

Grenadine: Thanks for finally stopping by, you sure brightened things up around here. ;)

Anonymous said...

1 i miss u
2 etha fy a7ad jra7ak hathy mo nehayat el3alam u r a good guy o alah ewakhrek 3an elnas ely ye`athonek bro
3take care ;)