Monday, August 28, 2006

Destination Dreamland..

Year : 2011.
Time : 11:45am.
Place : 9th Ring road. (الدائري التاسع)

As Kuwaiti citizens rush to dreamland.. Where its all green .. fresh air & blue skies..

50km far from jammed Kuwait City..Where electricity & water never stop flowing !

It is the land of Eraifjan a.k.a Sabah Al-Ahmad City. Click HERE for more info..

note : It says in the site that more than 60% of the project is im gonna heat the camel and find my way to that place..I will post pictures..and if i didnt make it home..please take care of my family..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Great Farewell Lunch!

Today I had a nice surprise in wait for me when called back up into the IT Workshop. Mr. John, the greatest Danish guy this side of the Arab world surprised me with a very nice farewell lunch.
Many thanks go to everyone who participated in this sweet surprise!

Note: The pictures are NOT edible! (Click to enlarge)


More food!

Salad anyone?


Can't really have lunch without sweets, right?

Thanks Mr. John K. for your kindness, I'm sure you will be reading this and laughing that GREAT laugh of yours! Don't forget, I'm going to be taking you to the best Kebab place you've ever been to in your whole life.
(Don't forget the beer?! Or do you guys call it lager?)

Also my thanks go to my boss, co-workers and all the great staff. Especially those of you who've made my stay worthwhile. I'll miss you guys!

And of course, Mijo...I know I should've waited till you came back from your trip. I'm sorry for that, but I will come visit you as soon as you're back, that's a promise. Enjoy the Italian weather! ;)

Finally, the elite Network guys ROCK! There never was a dull moment and I'm going to miss our jokes and especially your friendship. You guys are absolutely the BEST ever. The company is lucky to have such a unique team. Keep it up!
(Abu Abbas: Congrats on your firstborn son! I'll come back & put my hand on your monitor again while you're working just for the hell of it..)

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Ronald McDonald scared me. My dog Cindy. Holding on to my brother's thumb while sleeping. Dad's old Pinto. Tallie & I frightened of the clown at Bourbon St. in New Orleans. Sledding down Scott's Hill at the park. Smokey Mountain. Playing flipjack in class while the air raid sirens wailed. Tornado ripping through Ft. Hayes. Depressing Ft. Wayne. Ms. Bundy. "The Little Blue Man". Dancing the Square Dance with Ms. Elie at the annual Thanksgiving fair (my feet never touched the floor). Watching a basketball bounce endlessly on it's own as a hurricane ripped through. My slingshot. First Huffy bike. Disney World, Seaworld, Six Flags and the Ozarks. 4th of July fireworks and the cops. The little dachshund that chased me for almost a mile down the road & nipping at my heels as I ran crying breathlessly. Running screaming in fear from my aunts as they tried to hug me in their 'ninja' garb. Being Superman & jumping in a pool fully-clothed with a bookbag & a lunchbox. Dancing at a Beach Boys concert. Transformers, Go-Bots, M.A.S.K. and G.I. Joe toys. Tonka truck & the sandbox. Snake that swam in my kiddie pool & mom's hysterical screams as I played with it. Black Racer snake that chased me in the woods. Crush on Julie. Playing the recorder. Little brother breaking my nose with a head-butt. Little brother breaking my teeth with the authentic handcuffs. Little brother chipping my tooth by slamming a hand on the bottle I was drinking from. Carrying little brother and kissing him as a newborn. Little brother yanks my hair happily while I cry. Playing Lego with little brother & telling him stories.

"Wolf Gang: Jack, Cindy, Sylvia & Mark."



Monday, August 14, 2006

Dwarves of War Song

We kill kill kill kill kill kill kill in our war the
whole month through
To maim maim maim maim maim maim maim is what we really love to do
It ain't no trick to get die quick
If you shoot shoot shoot with a gun or a tank
In a war! In a war! In a war! In a war!
Where a million bodies lay!

We kill kill kill kill kill kill kill from early morn till night
We tear tear tear tear tear tear tear up everything in sight
We tear up bodies by the score
A thousand children, sometimes more
But we don't know what we kill 'em for
We kill kill kill a-kill kill

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
It's hell from war we go

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

This is a bastardized version of the Dwarf song in Snow White, I wrote it & thought of it as the Israeli battle hymn.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


FOR SALE: Like new HP Pavilion Dv1000

-Intel Pentium M 1.73Ghz

-1024MB RAM

-60GB 5400RPM Hard Drive

-DVD+/-RW & CD-RW Combo w/Double Layer

-14.0" WXGA BrightView Widescreen

-Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator
-Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG & Bluetooth

-LAN + Modem

-HP Mobile
Remote Control
-6 in 1 Card Reader

-Windows XP Home Edition SP2

-3 USB ports, Firewire, VGA-out, Harman Kardon speakers
-Free Software of your choice

-Comes with original box, original HP software & mouse.

Sold @260kd

Mid-Life Crisis

I have no friggin idea what to write. So...

I, Mini Я will stop writing for awhile. All control will go to Negatively Charged.

If you want to cry, complain or throw things at me. You can just email me. :)

Cheers y'all.

(The cartoon is just something funny I found online, nothing to do with my adoring fans *winks*)

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I just can't fathom how cruel humans can be. Is it part of our makeup? Has God created us to hurt? To destroy? To ignore the pleading cries for help? The cries of pain?

What of the little baby? Bawling out its rage into being yanked out of that protective womb? Raging against the cruelty of being brought out into this cold world, where it will have to live a lifetime of pain? Happiness may exist, yet it is so sublime.

Where do we lay blame? Loved ones leaving others behind, whether willfully or through death. How can such a cruel test of faith even be possible? How can the mortal man actually be able to bear the pain of seeing his loved one go away?

Millions die. Millions of lives snuffed like a guttering candle.

Humans are exterminating themselves to the point of extinction. Whoever said that predatory animals are a danger to humans, is wrong! WRONG! Humans are the real threat, the ultimate predator. The ultimate killer of animals, nature and of mankind.

The population has been accelerating at such breakneck speed, it's beyond imagination. Billions of human beings crawling over this slab of rock and mud that they call Earth. Earth is home. Humans for centuries have waged war unto Earth and upon themselves. A never ending war in which Man is determined to win. A war in which Man can be so gluttonous and so horribly merciless.

Mankind is committing suicide. The billions expanding and expanding, it seems like it will never end. Bloated beyond proportions. Soon to implode upon itself, where all of Mankind will cease to exist.

Only the distant memory of those cries remain...Man's cry for salvation, erased by eternal silence.