Sunday, July 30, 2006

Qana massacre PART TWO

Qana massacre (April,18, 1996)
Qana massacre TODAY (July, 30, 2006)
More to come from the Zionists..

Read about the first massacre HERE


Marzouq said...

As I said before, this has reached the point of genocide! Misakeen el libaneyeen! They dont deserve this! God damn Israel! I have never hated them as much as now!

Anonymous said...

It has been genocide ever since the 'war' started.

No one ever deserves to be caught in crossfire.

Hitman1 said...


Hate not the Israelians, hate those who are letting them do what they want to do. It's our leaders. Read this news headline and you will know what I'm talking about:

كما أشاد أولمرت بتأييد دول عربية لم يسمها للحرب التي تشنها إسرائيل, وقال إن هذا التأييد ساعد كثيرا.

God damn those arab nations leaders whom olmert is talking about

No3iK said...


9ig mako thima wala `6amer!!

Bella Color said...

7eeeesbi Allah 3alihom!

Chai-7aleeb said...