Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Early Morning Artist: UPDATED

This is Michelangelo's work that I caught with a bag of chalk at 7:43am yesterday morning.
Maybe if he changed out of his pyjamas before drawing what looks like chicken scratches might have helped?
Dumbass. I'm very disappointed in you. Especially that I have driven OUT of my way this morning to see what you have drawn. I was late to work because of you. sack of bat dung.

You owe me breakfast.

* wtf is TRN anyway?


LaiaLy_q8 said...

To Run North

Turn Right Now

Truly Realy Nasty (i think this is it) :p

you should have called 911

Marzouq said...

OK .. that really looks dumb! He should practice in secret before showing his LACK of skills!

M-Redux said...

LOL that's really nasty! I think he drew something but it didn't come out very well so he tried to fix it, which made it even more revolting