Sunday, May 14, 2006

A New Blog!

Hello everyone. I'd like to announce that a new blog has just opened called "Kuwait: A Reality Show"

I will put a copy of "The Dark Side of Kuwait Part 1" there, including a translated version in arabic. And the rest of the series will be posted there. They will be posted in both arabic and english. Thanks to a friend who decided to help in grabbing the attention of the Arab readers.

The blog address is:

I will still be posted here also, but the reality series will be posted there. Where people can be free in commenting at their ease. And where others can contact me if they wish to share their stories.


q8Sultana said...

Dark side?
What dark side?
Kuwait has a dark side?
I thought it was all innocent and nice....


Anonymous said...

q8sultana: point exactly. I will open all the innocent eyes on what really goes on ;)

Jewaira said...

This should be very interesting.

Negatively Charged said...

I dont recommend.

You're not trying to fix anything by publishing such stuff .. you're just opening eyes on our a bad way that is. Why not calling it the bright side? really?

Are we THAT bad? your stories are NOTHING compared to other countries ! i mean arabian countries. The west is much more worse ..

Dont be like Fajer el sa3eed elly fath7atna o emfashlatna jeddam el 3alam .. yakhee if there's anything try to do something about it not make it worse !

wela hathee elly bel rai TV madry men ay deera yaybeenha oo tyeeb hal jnoos wel gays wel ashkal elly madry sheno! why not broadcasting such material eb KTV1 ? why satellite channel?

Peach said...

Oh R .. I've only browsed through a few posts, I'm glad your a fellow blogger but dude! This is sad! well .. guess it needs to be said huh! ;/

Love & thanks for being a blogger, for finding out that you are, and for the chance to have seen you where I saw you ;))) Way to go kid.