Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Firefox/Safari vs. NBK

Firefox/Safari users have been at war with NBK because of their web compatibility issues with their online banking. NBK was the ONLY bank in the world that do NOT support all the major browsers, they only supported IE. For what idiotic reasons? We don't know.

I've come out of this war bloody, but victorious. Finally after months of bloody battles. I finally got The Call, in which they have surrendered. The terms of surrender is that in TWO days. Watani Online Banking will finally be compatible with all the major browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. I'm not too sure about Camino.

Apple users, REJOICE! Finally those Microsoft sycophants gave it up!

...melodramatic aren't I?


LaiaLy_q8 said...

Microsoft is really taking over the world

i think the only way i would use other browsers would be if they were as compatable as IE

Firefox and I had some issues :p

Entrepreneur said...

mark has been in contact with them regarding this for a while now...


DiiGMaa said...

allah ebashrik bil5air inshalah ;)
wooohoooo !!!

Anonymous said...

laialy: firefox rox..u just need to know it's secrets ;)

entrepreneur: hats off to mark for his efforts! & thanks :)

diigmaa: now i can say that nbk is finally a good "complete" bank. ;)

Judy Abbott said...

i see no changes still

Anonymous said...

judy: i guess the guy who called me forgot there's a banking weekend heh..i've waited for that i guess another few days won't hurt ;)

bunaz said...

i over heared you talking to zort about being busy writing new series.
that caught my attention.
i'm interested in knowing more about this " series" stuff.
could it be for tv?

Anonymous said...

bunaz: Well honestly I truly doubt that the Ministry of Disinformation would even accept it. I'm writing about the unknown rape/incest cases we have here in Kuwait. Told by the victims themselves. So far I wrote, 'The Dark Side of Kuwait: Part 1" as some sort of impromptu story to see how it goes. I'm surprised that many people actually want more of it, more awareness...and someone with guts to go public about it.