Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006

Prison Break Side Effects

  1. Excessive Smoking which causes death.
  2. Sweating along with soar throat.
  3. Lack of blinking which makes your eyes get dry.
  4. Abdominal pain and/or Colon enlargement.

So be advised ;)

Guys are working on season 2 now..for more info visit:

A poll on the best TV show in 2006 is on the way ;) get ready to vote!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A New Blog!

Hello everyone. I'd like to announce that a new blog has just opened called "Kuwait: A Reality Show"

I will put a copy of "The Dark Side of Kuwait Part 1" there, including a translated version in arabic. And the rest of the series will be posted there. They will be posted in both arabic and english. Thanks to a friend who decided to help in grabbing the attention of the Arab readers.

The blog address is:

I will still be posted here also, but the reality series will be posted there. Where people can be free in commenting at their ease. And where others can contact me if they wish to share their stories.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Firefox/Safari vs. NBK

Firefox/Safari users have been at war with NBK because of their web compatibility issues with their online banking. NBK was the ONLY bank in the world that do NOT support all the major browsers, they only supported IE. For what idiotic reasons? We don't know.

I've come out of this war bloody, but victorious. Finally after months of bloody battles. I finally got The Call, in which they have surrendered. The terms of surrender is that in TWO days. Watani Online Banking will finally be compatible with all the major browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. I'm not too sure about Camino.

Apple users, REJOICE! Finally those Microsoft sycophants gave it up!

...melodramatic aren't I?

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Dark Side of Kuwait: Part 1

Scenario #1: A girl named 'Laila', freshly graduated. She goes on a Wednesday night party thrown by her graduating class at one of the girls' chalet. So many girls with friends, family and relatives. Some of their brothers are in the other chalet right next door, just to make sure nothing goes wrong. Security.

Tired of dancing to almost every single song, 'Laila' goes upstairs finally to one of the rooms. Changing into her pyjamas, she drowses off into a fitful sleep.

Hands roughly yank her off the bed, tearing her clothes off. She was unable to scream due to the sheer terror.

That night, Laila was raped by one of her friend's brother, repeatedly. Threatened, she promised him she will never tell anyone about it, or he will ruin her and her family for life.

2 years later, in London waiting for her father to arrive from Kuwait. She's staying with her uncle, aunt & cousin...vacationing.

Again, she was raped 7 times by her uncle.

Who can she turn to?

Scenario #2: 'May' doesn't really remember her biological father. He was killed during the 1990 invasion when she was only a year or so old. Her mom married such a nice man, she calls him "Baba".
At 15, her nice "Baba" was angry at her because of an exam grade. In the heat of the moment, he suddenly attacked her. Raped her twice.

She never told anyone. Not even her own mother.

Scenario #3:
'Rawan' lives a full life. Her daddy is rich, influential and the best in the world. He's well-loved in public, his employees adore him. He showers his only daughter with lavish gifts. Bought her the car of her dreams; she's smart, stylish and well-loved.

At home, in one of his 'moods' the old man calls for her. He fondles her, he touches her and tells her how much he loves her, his princess. If she even thinks of flinching, he would beat her senseless then rape her. For as long as she can remember, he's always done this to her.

She's in her mid-20's and still unmarried, scared and scarred for life.

The above scenarios are based on true stories, 3 of thousands incidents we have here in Kuwait. Rape and incest are very common occurences worldwide. But in this country,
it's more common in the well-off families as well as the average families.

Why don't we hear of these stories? Because they're scared. They don't want to ruin the family's "reputation". They don't want people to label them as "whores". Which in fact a lot in Kuwait would think that way. A girl who isn't a virgin, is a whore in the eyes of the society. No matter what happened to her or even if it was God's will.

People would never believe a man would rape his own daughter, or this boy would rape that girl because he's "metrabi oo weld nas" (educated & well known). Or even the fact a man would rape his nephew.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of girls in this country desperately need help. But they can't turn to anyone because they are scared. "I can't tell mom! She would die!" or "I can't tell anyone! What would people think then! Fothee7a!!" There are some who would actually make excuses for the actions of their rapists.
Not only girls are raped, but also boys. For in this country, we have closet gays by the hundreds. Or if you want, call them bisexuals.

Incest is a one-way ticket to hell.

I have a much longer version of this article offline, I had to edit it for the blog. I removed some details & changed a few things. But the stories I provided are actual stories.)

End Part One. To be continued...