Thursday, April 27, 2006

Scientific Breakthroughs

A dedicated team of scientists have finally made a breakthrough study in which they may have found THE Cure! Read on my fellow friends, bloggers and netizens. The article may be found here

My faith in science is pretty non-existent, right?


ScarlO said...

That's so gay :-p

What will happen to the songs about beans and farting?

A7med said...

GREAT! now you can cure yourself mini :D, see, i told you everything will be ok, you didnt need to get scared from the flu :)

now were done from the birds and cows, whos next? FLYING MONKIES or 4-LEGGED-SNAKE?

Negatively Charged said...


oh and snakes dont have legs you monkey!

Adorra said...

Sh-hal discovery? Just don't eat beans!

Sty said...

Oh thats just great! Leave it to science to take the fun out of eating beans..Scientists are Nazi's..Nazi's I tells ya!!