Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Letter To The President

Dear Mr. President,

war breaks out between Iran and the U.S.

If the U.S. decided to use tactical nuclear warheads.

If Iran decides to retaliate on ALL U.S. assets (as mentioned in the news.).

If the U.S. bombed the Iranian nuclear reactors and facilities.

We are S-C-R-E-W-E-D.

Several scenario reports have been issued by Australia & the UK about this imminent catastrophe. Depending on weather conditions, we may either be affected lightly with serious long-term radiation effects. Or the fallout will be catastrophic with the death rate steadily rising over the years.

Either way, we are still S-C-R-E-W-E-D.

Remember Chernobyl. They are still suffering after 20 years.

So where will we go if Iran has been attacked? Doesn't anyone care about us? Don't you care about the economical, political and most of all the HUMANITARIAN fallout this may have not just on a single nation. But WORLDWIDE?

Tell me asshole President of the United States: Are you willing to sacrifice not hundreds, nor thousands...But millions of lives for such a lost cause?


A Pissed Off Kuwaiti Citizen

P.S. Your bill with God is growing longer and longer by the minute. The debt collector will come a-knockin' on your door soon.


Jewaira said...

Make Love, Not War Mr. President.

Extinct Dodo said...

peace makes the world go round:P

Яeema said...

i hop we will read this

war wasn't the answer


Anonymous said...

Jewaira: he can't get it up anymore.

dodo: lol i see a metaphor in your comment ;p

Reema: "Let him who desires peace prepare for war." - Flavius Vegetius Renatus

A7med said...

you actualy believe that iran will retaliate? hehe, you really overrating our shee3a friends (Not) my friend.

Anonymous said...

Wizard: Not all of them are shee3a. And don't underestimate the Iranian sense of determination when they want their way.
They've been tough historically, I'm sure they'll stay tough.

In case you haven't noticed, the U.S. is weakening internally. It's only a matter of time. Just as those small groups of people with homemade bombs & AKs were able to take out almost a thousand or so troops in Iraq. I'm sure Iran with it's German, Russian & Chinese technologies will be able to hold up pretty well. Not to mention that politically, Russia & China are backing Iran up.

Who should be worried? Us small nations stuck in between the giants.

LaiaLy_q8 said...


you are toOooooo Funnyyyyyy

3ejabniiii too mush hehehe

3afyaa shoof etha negdar endawer was6aa so the bill collector yo9al asra3 ;)

Sty said...

You know what I've been debating this issue for so long and yeah we are screwed. And technically heres the Irany mindset "3alay oo 3ala a3da2y" So miny minak..chithy chithak i7na makleenha makleenha..

Anonymous said...

laialy: adeg 3ala "Good Morning" oo ashoof etha yetwasa6 lena ;)

sty: yep true that..the problem is..most kuwaitis here aren't taking the issue seriously.

Anonymous said...

YOU don't have a right to question. You are after all, a pissed off KUWAITI citizen, not an AMERICAN or IRANIAN citizen. You have some nerve to even think you have a say in the discussion. Stick to shopping. Stupid Fucking Ignorant Kuwaiti. Jassim Boodai is right.

Does it make you nervous that the shia have their hands on nuclear technology? I hope so, maybe you fuckers will get what you deserve. You fucks treat asians and even other Arabs like dirt. It is about high time the so called dirt had some power over you.

Anonymous said...

I sure am glad I'm Kuwaiti. With Iranian roots too, so go choke and die.

If I was ignorant, I wouldn't be questioning. After all God has given us the brains to QUESTION our very existence too. Where'd the stuff between YOUR ears go?

Like I mentioned it's NOT about Shiaa or Sunna or even those who followed that nut Rev. Jim Jones.

Nuclear WAR is NOT a solution. The fallout will AFFECT the WHOLE Arabian Gulf. It will have such an environmental impact that it'll make the 1990 Gulf War environmental catastrophe look like a fucking Sunday walk in the park.

Go read some more Mr/Miss Anonymous, education is a valuable commodity in these times of strife. It's not about being AMERICAN or IRANIAN.

It's about HUMANITY. You know what THAT means?

In conclusion, we ALL have the right to question. Whether we are Kuwaiti, American, Iranian or even a grasshopper.

Only ignorants like you react in such a blindly stupid manner.

Swair. said...

thanks for a pretty good post :)

Anon: *sighs* when was the last time u took an IQ test? and i think u need a swear box, u pay 10 bucks every time u offend someone and u sorta offended most of the readers here..

and i think that if we "fucks treat asians and even other Arabs like dirt. It is about high time the so called dirt had some power over you.", we wouldn't be so concerned with humanity in general like we are now, now would we?

Яeema said...

i guess we took a hot shower hahahahaha


MINI-R !!!!

Stir up Waters to Catch Fish

you did it

Anonymous said...

swair: anytime & well said ;)

Reema: nah this is a tiny fish...I'll find something bigger than that & catch some BIGGER fish ;)

Anonymous said...

And hey...I will give this post till Thursday and I will write up a new one. The next post will ROCK your worlds everyone, comments will NOT be deleted. Just this once.

Stay tuned for a hot topic next week ;)

Sty said...

Lol anonymous..Looks like you been chasing the..well to put it nicely in ur terms.."Asian persuasion"..I got one word for you, do you know where Iran is? lol Stupid Hick

Sorry Mini ith6arait arid 3alaih a7ib at7arash :P

Яeema said...

e7im e7im

mini-r , i am back :) i cant live with out a blog :/

i am back with a new look

ZORT said...


Well put!

I still say kill everyone!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Lets support Ben laden on his job :P

Our target this time is the president :)

A7med said...

mini: they WERE touch in the days of retha bahlavi (the shah) and i do admire the shah for all the things he did for iran and the persian gulf, and if you were pointing at the war between iraq and iran and you think thats why are they tough and all, then your wrong, the war was between iraq and iran yesm but it was between russians (iran) and egyptians (iraq), both sides strategies were soviet and egyptian and both sides SUCK at the war, talk about long stupid war..

and yeah, if not all iran are shee3a then you bet 81% AT LEAST is shee3a, dude, why dont you go ask some irany citizin from you write man? it will save me a lil bit time and energy :)

in the end, those chicken shit iranies wont hit a fly even if she fingered at them, let alone bomb other SMALL NATIONS countries.

anonymouse: we treat ppl like shit i know, its a dirty job but someone gotta do it ;) (Loser...)

mishari said...

Mini Я.:dear its my first time to comment in your positive bloge

ithink all bogers must travel to state or we have to set in semarmis in cairo and smak shisha
good luck brother

Al-Hajeji said...

Mr. Mini R...

If war does break out, which I don't think will, america is too bogged down in fallujah and afghanistan - then otherwise contact me, and I will arrange for your whole family to come to yemen, i will be there at the same time of course. And believe it is very safe...Otherwise, Inshah'Allah everything is good.

Negatively Charged said...

Wizard-X : make it short & nice..I read your comment over 3 times .. and i found out that it was .. pointless.

Anyway .. im goin to Iran next month :D

LaiaLy_q8 said...

i would like to order one new post please with french fries

thanx :)