Tuesday, April 25, 2006


كتب صابر الحطاب : تبادل أحد المواطنين الضرب مع شخصين كانا يتحرشان بمواطنة في مواقف أحد الفنادق الشهيرة على شارع الخليج، وتم تسجيل قضية وجار التحقيق في الواقعة.
وذكر مصدر أمني لـ «الرأي العام» ان «مواطنة تدعى أ, م, ع (29 عاماً) أبلغت رجال مخفر السالمية أنها تعرضت للتحرش والتحريض على الفسق والفجور على يد شخصين في مواقف فندق شهير على شارع الخليج، حيث قام أحدهما بترقيمها فامتنعت عن أخذ رقم هاتفه، الأمر الذي ضايقه وجعله يتحسس على صدرها بالقوة، فيما قام الشخص الثاني بلمس مؤخرتها، ما دفعها إلى الصراخ».
وأضاف المصدر ان «أحد المواطنين سمع صراخ المواطنة فقام بالتشاجر مع الشخصين وتبادل الضرب معهما، وتبين أنه يعرف أحدهما، فتم تسجيل قضية بالواقعة، واحالتها إلى جهة الاختصاص».

Whatever made you refuse the number, woman?


Sty said...

Ok Guys in Kuwait are getting more pathetically desperate and even more barbaric. I'm still betting by 2020 guys are gonna walk around with clubs and smacking girls across the head and pulling them around Marina from their hair. (Just get a picture in your head trust me its not far a way :P)

And I don't blame the guys only, girls have a thing to do with this..Not all but some, and we all know who they are and how they look like.

Cheers :P

ScarlO said...

That's just sick

Negatively Charged said...

Dont blame the "boys".

blame girls and their families for allowing them to wear almost nothing :)

Whats the use of being a good woman with no clothes on?

common girls .. go to sharq theres a 50% sale on everything .. go buy some decent clothes.

Anonymous said...

It may be sick, disgusting, whatever anyone calls it. The question is, were they following her & she stopped for them, or not? If yes, then her dumb mistake. Why'd she stop in the first place?
There are so many factors involved, but only two dominant ones: 1- The way some women are these days. 2- There are guys out there who need a good smack upside the head.

Яeema said...

Negatively Charged :
i guess out in spain they wear toless and no one even look at them!
the problem is with the men.

mini-R : their is like this story and i guess i told you about the 2 men story and how God send me my cousin to save it, and i guess you know me and your assuming the kint of clothes i wear.

believe me it's sickness of men harmones that they cant control it!

Яeema said...


~ se3loah ~ said...

قلة حيا!!
كان اخذت الرقم ورمته عشان يقلب وجهه

Anonymous said...

Reema: it depends on what kind of man he is & what kind of woman.

se3loah: ana gelt nafs ilshay..laish ma khathat ilraqem oo eftakat??

Negatively Charged said...

Reema : I thought we were in kuwait not spain! hmm .. maybe I'm mistaken and we live in spain!

well .. sorry then .. my bad :)

If you wanna be topless or wear shorts and walk around..then you dont belong here..

and please .. there are more sick girls out there ..including الفصيع elly talbes short skirts oo perfume oo tet3allach la o wayeha maybayyen men kether el makeup! slaima sakkat ahalhom o azwajhom :)
oo etha eb tetsattar .. elbesat 3abaya emkhassara oo el ka3ab yerga3 bel ga3 wel 3e6er yefoo7 ! khosh wallah!

I also agree that there are sick men.

ZinZinQ8 said...

People who assault women are not doing so because of the way the woman is dressed they are doing so because they have security issues and need to tell themselves that they have control. Thats why sometimes you hear of a man raping an 80 year old woman. Nothing to do with her dressing up, everything to do with his psychological problems. Frankly, I wish it were ok to take all men who do such things and put them in mass graves.

Anonymous said...

Let's use the latest fashion and blame it on the invasion. heh...everyone is doing it so why not them?

kela men ilghazoo!

Hussa-G said...

She should have taken the number then trash it.

And I agree with Negatively Charged. Its getting worse with the dress code with these girls. La met7ajbah welah mo met7ajbah.

Allah ester 3alenah we7fethnah.

A7med said...

...no comment, but i wish to say to all those who keep lieng at theirelf about our beautiful gloriouse contry this:

WELCOME TO KUWAIT! where relegions and tradetion stands ON-HOLD everywhere ;P

la fat il fot, ma nifa3 il 9ot

Jewaira said...

It is not because of men's inability to control their
"hormones" - It is because there is no law that will effectively punish such offenders.

cheesegoddess said...

wallah 7ala .. coul it be the he was drunk ? lot o drunk men wander in streets nowadays and no one complains ..