Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dude, Where Are My Pockets?!

First of all, those laptops I posted about previously...are FAKE. Yep, sorry to disappoint you, they're only a hoax. If such Powerbooks existed (no they're not Macbooks Jax ;p) then you'd think Steve Jobs would be BOUNCING up on stage to announce them already. Anyway, sexy piece of work if you ask me.

Second of all, my birthday is on September 29th.

Third of all, I'm here at work. Apparently don't have much to do, yet. Sipping my coffee and wondering where the hell is the rest of my department. I had to go outside to make sure there ARE people working. Something has mysteriously kidnapped my workmates. Hmm. Less mouths to feed.

I discovered that my lab coat has NO pockets. When I came in this morning I checked the other guys' lab coats, they all got pockets. I can SEE where the pockets are stitched on, but they're totally stitched all around! Now why in hell did I get a lab coat with NO pockets? Is it a message? Do they expect me to sit there & pick out the thread? This country is suffering a serious shortage of pockets. I may have to start a "Wish A Pocket Fund" sometime soon.

Besides, where the hell am I going to put my lucky 1 fils?

Oh, to make my day monitor has just lost its colors and I see everything this color. Will someone put me out of this misery? Is it me or am I typing in invisible ink? I CAN'T SEE WHAT I'M TYPING.

I WANT pockets! <-- I can see that.


Extinct Dodo said...

its a conspiracy i tell you... everything's disappearing slowly.. people.. pockets.. now screen ink!!!
*x-files music*

Negatively Charged said...

lol @ x-files music

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Hmmm, so now you actually work? and you have to wear a lab coat? How come you never told me!

Jacqui said...

But I already knew that, and yes I know they aren't Macbooks but they are true Powerbooks, some loser just had the time to picture the background behind the powerbook and placed it in that strategic position and took another picture.

I repeat he was so fathy that he didn't have to sit around to pick at his pocket :P

Anonymous said...

dodo: LOL! nice one!

shopa: i thought you had your All-Seeing Eye on me?

jax: LOL..yeah tell me about it..but it sure is a nice piece of work...& drop the hints :P

ScarlO said...

Why'd you need pockets? They probably issued you a coat with no pockets so that you wont steal anything .. not saying that you'd steal, i'm just saying what i think

sick bastards should be sued

Anonymous said...

scarlo: i need pockets so i can put all my choco bars in them :/

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