Friday, February 03, 2006

Who? Me? WHY?!

Ok I've been tagged by Reema. And I guess this time I'll make her & everyone else happy by being a nice guy & actually going on with it. So here it goes:

7 Things To Do Before I Die:

1- Have my LAST laugh at the world.
2- Freefall at 32,000 ft. while doing #1.
3- Grab a stranger off the street & hug him tightly. Then look in his eyes & say, "I love you man. I really do."
4- Tell people what I REALLY hate about them. (I'm dying so I can do that right?)
5- Give all my worldly possessions to someone who deserves them. (Not you brother ;p)
6- Read a last good book.
7- Hand over this blog to my brother's complete ownership. (God have mercy on your souls.)

7 Things I Can't Do:

1- Lick my elbow.
2- Lick my nose.
3- Beat around the bushes, I'm way too blunt for that.
4- Run over a cat running across the street.
5- Clean up my room.
6- Can't help being a smartass.
7- Act stupid.

7 Things I Say:

1- WTF?! (The extended version of course.)
2- The 'F' word in every sentence.
3- Daaaaaaaaaayum!
4- Ay shay?
5- Hmmm? (with a raised eyebrow. keeping that up can hurt.)
6- Dumbass.
7- Laish laa? (Why not?)

7 Books I Have Loved:

1- The Wheel of Time series (it's 10 books)
2- Dark Tower series (it's 7 books)
3- The Da Vinci Code
4- The Talisman
5- The Painted Bird
6- The Genesis Code
7- Satanic Verses (Islamists can go die. It's literature.)

7 Films I Have Loved:

1- Young Guns
2- Lord of the Rings (extended version)
3- Goodfellas
4- Natural Born Killers
5- Devil's Advocate
6- Sin City
7- March of the Penguins (It REALLY is good!)

7 Things That Attract Me:

1- Brainy woman.
2- Books.
3- The great emptiness of the desert.
4- Wolves.
5- Beautiful stuff. (art, nature, etc..etc..)
6- My sexy Powerbook.
7- Of course, I'll leave the last for your imagination. ;)

7 People I Want To Tag:

1- WizardX
2- Swair
3- Shopaholic
4- Tatabotata (sorry man I HAD to!)
5- ananyah
6- MY BROTHER: Negatively Charged
7- Dodo (grins)


Swair. said...

*strangles u* ENZAIN!

Swair. said...


jawaher said...

pls check this and replay

Hussa-G said...

I just loved "Lick my elbow". LOL
Good one my friend.

Oh BTW, You'er been tagged. Check my blog.

A7med said...

shtabi?! shno shfeek shtabi?! LOL! you forgot to mention that in your *things to say* :P

jee thankee-say for tagging moi :S
praise the man jesus :P

BLaSha said...

you get attracted by a powerbook?

Anonymous said...

i dunno why my comment didnt show but here's another...

swair: lol you nut :P (me likes!)

jawaher: welcome BACK! :D

hussa: creativity at it's best, enthab6ech ;)

wizard: OH i forgot that one! LOL...shTabi?! ha sheno? shfeek? SHTABI INT?!

blasha: im an ubergeek so of course my laptop turns me on (not in the literal sense).

LaiaLy_q8 said...

"Grab a stranger off the street & hug him tightly. Then look in his eyes & say, "I love you man. I really do.""
what do u mean? you haven't done that yet :p

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

OKh, me tagged!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A7med said...

anonymous keep your opinion for your self loser!

il blog 9ar matroos hailag :S

jawaher said...

i don't believe men love brainy women

Negatively Charged said...

deleted another anonymous loser comment lol .. dude .. go spend some time with mouthwash & soap..