Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not Much To Say

Hello again faithless's been quite awhile since I last wrote anything useful or entertaining. Well I guess I ran into a wall again, I'll take the blame.

My sleep has been screwed up lately & all I do these days is download TV shows & watch them one after the other. I'm officially a Lost addict, that show is great! As I type this I'm getting the rest of Season 2, including the series '24'. Most people don't like it, but after watching season 1 on Showtime, I'm pretty way behind & would like to know what Jack is up to now.

Besides all that, I'm living the life of the ultimate bum. Got an impromptu interview tonight over a cup of coffee and a sheesha (I'll just have the coffee...looks around for the 7ekooma..). It's interesting when after a certain amount of period, you suddenly get people calling you right and left willing to offer you a job. Are they GODDAMN INSANE?! IT'S BEEN 8 MONTHS NOW, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!

I'm ok, I'm cool, calm and collected.

The same company I applied to 2 years ago decided they want to interview me tonight. (Thanks to a good friend.) Another company want my CV, but I didn't hand it to them yet because I need to fix up a few things on it. Soooooo, 1 down & 2 to go. Lets see which one will hire me. It's been exactly a week since my last interview for a pretty lucrative job. I've waited for that long, I guess another week won't hurt.

Hmmm...what other news? Oh, my laptop fell off the bed last night...again. It LOOKS ok, but I'm not sure...tough casing and all...but I'm still not sure. I really don't feel like taking it apart to see if anything has been knocked loose in there. Taking it apart is a hassle, and to put it back together is even more of a hassle. *shrugs* I'll leave it as it is.

Enjoyed the short quick trip through my mind? Nauseated yet? No? Well then I'll keep everyone updated later on how the interview goes tonight. Enjoy your weekend!


Hussa-G said...

Good luck. You need it buddy for your sanity nothing else. I shall keep you in my prayers. Good luck.

Extinct Dodo said...

and you have the nerve to be picky huh? :P
by the way im suing your ass for plagiarism :P LOL
just one post and im already star struck *slapping myself*

LaiaLy_q8 said...

Since your looking for a job let me ask you this:

Are you looking for a permanent place to work? Or are you willing to experience different fields and that way you have “5ebra” 3alla golat-hom?

Negatively Charged said...

lol bro .. looks like laialy_q8 is gonna be ur new boss!

Anonymous said...

Hussa: thanks :)

dodo: bah..sue all u want i didnt do anything wrong! lol

laialy: i'm done experiencing different kinds of fields, gained what i wanted & now i want to finally settle down. it can get really tiring after awhile you know.

charged: a boss who looks like that, would probably have me smuggling or wearing a bomb belt :P

Swair. said...

yay :p

A7med said...

still looking for a job eh?

yallah ta3al, i still havent found a decent TEA-BOY yet, and with your experience in coffee..:D your THE ONE for the job, yourv been choosen for this my good friend.

if not, then best of lucks with your hunting ;)

negativle charged: mal nkhalle yishtigal bidal noor-il-deen, they make a perfect match :P

Extinct Dodo said...

so wheres the update already :|