Thursday, February 02, 2006

Freedom of Speech?

France Soir, Germany's Die Welt, La Stampa in Italy and El Periodico in Spain reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to show support for a Danish paper whose original publication of the cartoons sparked Muslim outrage..

Honestly, I dont blame Bin Laden or Al-ZarQawi for bombing their asses.

Why do we respect those people? why are they welcome in our country? and im %100 sure that if you ask any Danish, French, German, Italian & Spanish motherfucker about their opinion..they'd say "We are AGAINST our government & publications!"

They think that we (Muslims) are touchy & overreacting..So they made fun of Jesus & the Jews to show that its something normal for them and we (Muslims) shouldnt get angry! lol wtf?

WAKE UP Mohammad's Nation! Even if we had to boycott Germany & France ..
ALLAH is with us eb ethnah


McArabian said...

I don't know - boycotting a whole country because a privately owned newspaper published a few stupid cartoons seems like overkill to me. Let's not forget that Arabic newspapers publish anti-Zionist cartoons all the time, and those can be pretty offensive.
That being said, prejudice is prejudice - bringing it to the attention of the government is a good idea, but things should stop there. No need to get all militant (pun intended) about it like the Hammas are doing.

A7med said...

ana agool khalna nbee3 banak w namsik miswach! :D

Anonymous said...

So do we get rid of our German cars? No more Italian food?
This is so friggin stupid. Why didn't we boycott the British for protecting Salman Rushdie when he wrote Satanic Verses?
Why didn't we boycott the US when they went on & on with their anti-Islam propaganda?

Where's the Danish butter for my popcorn?

dee said...

"Honestly, I dont blame Bin Laden or Al-ZarQawi for bombing their asses."

Looks like I'm done reading this shit. Too bad R, I really love reading your posts. Y'all have a nice day.

Negatively Charged said...

dee : Why do you people cry in the media when bin laden coughs?

Stop saying shit about then im sure everybody will have a happy life.

I am AGAINST killing innocent people. The west should stop fucking with Islam so we can all live in peace.

Last but not least, This is a Kuwaiti blog and before that we're Muslims. Can not allow seeing more shit from the west and just duct tape our mouths.

P.S: hey dee .. what happened to "freedom of speech"? :D Can I publish "bin Laden fragged your arse" in some paper?

Negatively Charged said...

mcarabian : these "stupid cartoons" are about Allah's prophet.

They can say whatever about us "muslims" or our sheikh or anybody..except prophet Mohammad.

We make fun of Jews & Chritians but NOT of Moses or Jesus! or any other prophet.(I'm sure you know why we make fun of them)

Please before you type something..think twice.

In plain arabic..mafeeha roo7 o ta3al..7abeebna Mo7ammad 3alaih el salat wel salam ya bashar! wtf is the matter with you people?

It doesnt need a religious person to defend Allah's prophets!

It just need some one feeh Qeera.. mo yenagez weya the west.

dee said...

Dear Mr. Negatively Charged,

Sabah al-hayr. I'd like to apologize for my reaction towards your initial comment. I was just taken aback, but should have understood that you didn't really mean that you thought it was ok for people to be bombed.

As far as your reaction towards me...I was hurt Mr. NC. I had been made to feel welcome here and was somewhat shocked by your vitriol. I understand that you don't know me, but I am not a "you people." I'm just me. I have found people to be the same all over. Please don't assume that me being from the west makes me a certain kind of a person, or someone who thinks negatively of you. To me you're just R's brother who has thus far made me smile, as he does.

I understand your anger in this situation, and never have I said anything against Islam or muslims...and certainly you can publish whatever you want though it's beyond me to understand why you would want to.

See, I'm not talking about international incidents here, just and me. Think how much happier we'd all be if we were just us instead of us and you.

Anyway, it's late and I think I'm getting sick, so I hope this makes more sense than I think it does. This time when I wish you a nice day it's not sarcasm Mr. NC.

carlos said...

Hello Mr NC,
I`m from Chile in South America, very far from your location, but enought close to be with you in our minds and heart. I write not to be part of the discussion being in accordance with your points of view and beliefs. It is a matter of give respects to the muslim people and muhammad.
I am trying to understand the word ethnah you wrote at the end. Can you nad someone else from your culture give me some information on the meaning and use of the word? I will appreciate if you send me a e-mail to and please write ethnah in the subject.