Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Cornucopia of thoughts which I have been unable to write in here lately. Keeps slamming up into some mental brick wall.

Things I've seen:

a green SUV on fire...flames were green too...

asian child standing next to a tree, peeing under the watchful eyes of his daddy.

a couple kissing in some parking lot...guy was young though..

old man sitting on the ground near some construction site, grinning & nodding to himself.

perfectly flawless feminine face, turned ugly within a split second. (play of the light? or anger?)

cat with only one working paw..painfully dragging itself off to the side of the road...

multi-hued colors of light sparkling off the crack in the windshield.

the "be-bop" guy who seems to dance in his sleep too...(ask me about that dude.)

....2006 has turned out to be quite an interesting year. Are we all going insane?

Bird flu is still raging unchecked. Are we being punished?

I've said my piece, my next post will take quite awhile guys, up until further notice, I'll hand this over to Negative Charge for awhile.


Swair. said...

nice post.. nice points.. nice.. nice..

i'm too sleepy.. i want a nice bed and a nice nap..

now, leave me alone lol

Jacqui said...

Interesting tidbits :r

Negatively Charged said...

Latge6ha eb rasy !

A7med said...

seeing couples making out and stood watching makes you a PERVE

seeing an injured cat cross the street and stood watching makes you a WEIRDO

so tell me, int laish 3ayish?! :P