Saturday, February 25, 2006

300 Slaps!

Hello dear readers!

First of all, kel 3am wentow eb khair oo free kuwait "lol" anyway..

Honestly, What do you prefer..300kd in your account so you can get new stuff for the somewhere?


el 7ukooma pays our loans..increase housing loans..drop the interests men el metQa3deen .. or simply, every kuwaiti gets a share from Oil sales?!

My topic is the Amir's "makrama" which i heard is going to be 300kd for every Kuwaiti "STILL NOT CONFIRMED".

Ya jema3at el khair .. Remember when they increased our salaries by 50kd? Do you really think hathy men 6eeb el 7ukooma? Did you know enna they're taking MUCH MORE than the 50kd elly enthallaina 3alashanha ! absa6 shay el KHOBZA sarat smaller LOL!

oo nafs el shay 3ala mowthoo3 el 2000kd malat el kahraba .. nas ra7at tarketh et7addeth bayaanat'ha .. oo akher shay eshsar ya 7elween? :D endabsaw bel fawateer el Qadeema!

hal 300kd nafs el shay etha ensarfat .. just to duct-tape our mouths and so we forget about other much more important things!

Laish menba6a chabdy? cuz fee nas etnagez 3ala hal 300! "elly ma 3inda yakel ma 3alaih sharha" Ya yoba khal en6aleb eb ashya' aham ! el 300 shar6 bet6eer eb two days ! ama if we get free shares in some major national company .. imagine how we're going to benefit from it ! oo "OUR" oil .. why not? Seriously why dont we get shares from our oil? wallah el 3atheem majles el omma 7an lain enba7 sotah! sar "6ag3a eb soog el 9ofafeer thay3a!"

eeh .. ma 3alaih ..

Raykom ya shabab o shaabbaaat!


A7med said...

walla for every 1kd il 7kooma ta36eek theyr taking it back in a NON-DIRECT way with a 30% intrest :S

Swair. said...

*sprays foam all over the blog*

sorry, just passing by :p

Anonymous said...

immigrate while you still can, as long as we have HIM in power...then we're screwed.