Saturday, February 25, 2006

300 Slaps!

Hello dear readers!

First of all, kel 3am wentow eb khair oo free kuwait "lol" anyway..

Honestly, What do you prefer..300kd in your account so you can get new stuff for the somewhere?


el 7ukooma pays our loans..increase housing loans..drop the interests men el metQa3deen .. or simply, every kuwaiti gets a share from Oil sales?!

My topic is the Amir's "makrama" which i heard is going to be 300kd for every Kuwaiti "STILL NOT CONFIRMED".

Ya jema3at el khair .. Remember when they increased our salaries by 50kd? Do you really think hathy men 6eeb el 7ukooma? Did you know enna they're taking MUCH MORE than the 50kd elly enthallaina 3alashanha ! absa6 shay el KHOBZA sarat smaller LOL!

oo nafs el shay 3ala mowthoo3 el 2000kd malat el kahraba .. nas ra7at tarketh et7addeth bayaanat'ha .. oo akher shay eshsar ya 7elween? :D endabsaw bel fawateer el Qadeema!

hal 300kd nafs el shay etha ensarfat .. just to duct-tape our mouths and so we forget about other much more important things!

Laish menba6a chabdy? cuz fee nas etnagez 3ala hal 300! "elly ma 3inda yakel ma 3alaih sharha" Ya yoba khal en6aleb eb ashya' aham ! el 300 shar6 bet6eer eb two days ! ama if we get free shares in some major national company .. imagine how we're going to benefit from it ! oo "OUR" oil .. why not? Seriously why dont we get shares from our oil? wallah el 3atheem majles el omma 7an lain enba7 sotah! sar "6ag3a eb soog el 9ofafeer thay3a!"

eeh .. ma 3alaih ..

Raykom ya shabab o shaabbaaat!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Cornucopia of thoughts which I have been unable to write in here lately. Keeps slamming up into some mental brick wall.

Things I've seen:

a green SUV on fire...flames were green too...

asian child standing next to a tree, peeing under the watchful eyes of his daddy.

a couple kissing in some parking lot...guy was young though..

old man sitting on the ground near some construction site, grinning & nodding to himself.

perfectly flawless feminine face, turned ugly within a split second. (play of the light? or anger?)

cat with only one working paw..painfully dragging itself off to the side of the road...

multi-hued colors of light sparkling off the crack in the windshield.

the "be-bop" guy who seems to dance in his sleep too...(ask me about that dude.)

....2006 has turned out to be quite an interesting year. Are we all going insane?

Bird flu is still raging unchecked. Are we being punished?

I've said my piece, my next post will take quite awhile guys, up until further notice, I'll hand this over to Negative Charge for awhile.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not Much To Say

Hello again faithless's been quite awhile since I last wrote anything useful or entertaining. Well I guess I ran into a wall again, I'll take the blame.

My sleep has been screwed up lately & all I do these days is download TV shows & watch them one after the other. I'm officially a Lost addict, that show is great! As I type this I'm getting the rest of Season 2, including the series '24'. Most people don't like it, but after watching season 1 on Showtime, I'm pretty way behind & would like to know what Jack is up to now.

Besides all that, I'm living the life of the ultimate bum. Got an impromptu interview tonight over a cup of coffee and a sheesha (I'll just have the coffee...looks around for the 7ekooma..). It's interesting when after a certain amount of period, you suddenly get people calling you right and left willing to offer you a job. Are they GODDAMN INSANE?! IT'S BEEN 8 MONTHS NOW, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!

I'm ok, I'm cool, calm and collected.

The same company I applied to 2 years ago decided they want to interview me tonight. (Thanks to a good friend.) Another company want my CV, but I didn't hand it to them yet because I need to fix up a few things on it. Soooooo, 1 down & 2 to go. Lets see which one will hire me. It's been exactly a week since my last interview for a pretty lucrative job. I've waited for that long, I guess another week won't hurt.

Hmmm...what other news? Oh, my laptop fell off the bed last night...again. It LOOKS ok, but I'm not sure...tough casing and all...but I'm still not sure. I really don't feel like taking it apart to see if anything has been knocked loose in there. Taking it apart is a hassle, and to put it back together is even more of a hassle. *shrugs* I'll leave it as it is.

Enjoyed the short quick trip through my mind? Nauseated yet? No? Well then I'll keep everyone updated later on how the interview goes tonight. Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Who? Me? WHY?!

Ok I've been tagged by Reema. And I guess this time I'll make her & everyone else happy by being a nice guy & actually going on with it. So here it goes:

7 Things To Do Before I Die:

1- Have my LAST laugh at the world.
2- Freefall at 32,000 ft. while doing #1.
3- Grab a stranger off the street & hug him tightly. Then look in his eyes & say, "I love you man. I really do."
4- Tell people what I REALLY hate about them. (I'm dying so I can do that right?)
5- Give all my worldly possessions to someone who deserves them. (Not you brother ;p)
6- Read a last good book.
7- Hand over this blog to my brother's complete ownership. (God have mercy on your souls.)

7 Things I Can't Do:

1- Lick my elbow.
2- Lick my nose.
3- Beat around the bushes, I'm way too blunt for that.
4- Run over a cat running across the street.
5- Clean up my room.
6- Can't help being a smartass.
7- Act stupid.

7 Things I Say:

1- WTF?! (The extended version of course.)
2- The 'F' word in every sentence.
3- Daaaaaaaaaayum!
4- Ay shay?
5- Hmmm? (with a raised eyebrow. keeping that up can hurt.)
6- Dumbass.
7- Laish laa? (Why not?)

7 Books I Have Loved:

1- The Wheel of Time series (it's 10 books)
2- Dark Tower series (it's 7 books)
3- The Da Vinci Code
4- The Talisman
5- The Painted Bird
6- The Genesis Code
7- Satanic Verses (Islamists can go die. It's literature.)

7 Films I Have Loved:

1- Young Guns
2- Lord of the Rings (extended version)
3- Goodfellas
4- Natural Born Killers
5- Devil's Advocate
6- Sin City
7- March of the Penguins (It REALLY is good!)

7 Things That Attract Me:

1- Brainy woman.
2- Books.
3- The great emptiness of the desert.
4- Wolves.
5- Beautiful stuff. (art, nature, etc..etc..)
6- My sexy Powerbook.
7- Of course, I'll leave the last for your imagination. ;)

7 People I Want To Tag:

1- WizardX
2- Swair
3- Shopaholic
4- Tatabotata (sorry man I HAD to!)
5- ananyah
6- MY BROTHER: Negatively Charged
7- Dodo (grins)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Freedom of Speech?

France Soir, Germany's Die Welt, La Stampa in Italy and El Periodico in Spain reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to show support for a Danish paper whose original publication of the cartoons sparked Muslim outrage..

Honestly, I dont blame Bin Laden or Al-ZarQawi for bombing their asses.

Why do we respect those people? why are they welcome in our country? and im %100 sure that if you ask any Danish, French, German, Italian & Spanish motherfucker about their opinion..they'd say "We are AGAINST our government & publications!"

They think that we (Muslims) are touchy & overreacting..So they made fun of Jesus & the Jews to show that its something normal for them and we (Muslims) shouldnt get angry! lol wtf?

WAKE UP Mohammad's Nation! Even if we had to boycott Germany & France ..
ALLAH is with us eb ethnah