Monday, January 09, 2006

Poll Results

Well, its been quite awhile since I've last posted something. At my bro's INT'L nagging I'm finally posting the results!


Of course! Look up and you'll see the results, click on the above picture for a larger view. For those of you who're spending winter break at home...well...elly may6ool il-3anGood, 7ameth 3anna yegool ;)

and PARIS? jeeze...I'm betting 10-1 that those of you who voted Paris are FEMALE...or maybe a lil bit of both?

Anyhow, I've been quite busy doing the following: sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating & you can guess the rest of the routine.

Sickly bored of this country, might just pack up & get the hell outta Dodge for awhile. Any suggestions? (NOT PARIS!)

I have one little rant to add:

Fuck the gov'mint beaucracies. Fuck the asshole who's been pushing my papers endlessly for a fucking whole month (or so.). And someone gotta do fucking something about it. I'm sick of this red tape beaucracy bullshit. One day you will see quite a nice mushroom cloud rising outta Q8 City...and it sure ain't the pipe I'm smoking.


Jacqui said...

Eid Mubarak, And Umm I am spending Winter Break well not reallly since its not even break yet at home ugh!

Anonymous said...

and I thought I asked you to write a post about MOI.

Kaleidoscope said...

Too bad it wasn't another type of smoke to be smoked instead of just seen.

Swair. said...

so i don't get a free ticket for staying at home?


A7med said...

your days shall be happy (ayamik sa3eeda) :P

il mohim if i choose somewhere to spend my vacation it will be home, why? because simply im cheap! (q7a6a) will not always, just for the time bieng :D


Bu Ziyad said...

abe arja3

Anonymous said...

Looking for suggestions as to a destination for "getting out of dodge?" How 'bout Washington, DC?
'Course if you have a problem with beaurocrasy that might be an issue...there *are* other things to offer though :)


Negatively Charged said...

Im glad to announce the lucky winner for our ticket..

And the winner is ...

yay ! I voted for Egypt..and won the ticket oo now im in Cairo :D

Hard luck all & have a nice day :D

And it is interesting that most ppl voted for home .. since you dont have vacations ;P bas yallah .. emmwafegeen oo el jayyaat akthar!

Anonymous said...

jackie: ayamech sa3eeda & inshallah u'll have a great (future) break ;)

anonymous: i will! i will! stop nagging! ;p

kaleidoscope: sad aint it?

swair: well we do have free tickets for the train ride in the park :D

wizard: ya je3s lol

bo zyad: erja3 yakhi na6reenek tara 6a7 il3asha!

Dee: OMG! NOT DC! lol!

neg: bro. you suck. i disown you & will sell you to the Pakistani Adidas soccer ball factory!