Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Frosties & Dew Night, Shaved Head Syndrome

It's almost 4am right now (Wednesday morning).

My head feels like a 5 pound sack filled with 20 pounds of shit in it, my nose went south on me & I've been coughing up chunks of my lungs.

*coughs* that looks like my liver?

Anyway, despite all of the above bitching (complaints?) whatever you wanna call it...I'm sitting on my bed...downloading more than 20 hours worth of Comedy Central shows (thanks for the push! you know who you are!) & diligently watching every single one of them.

Oh...I'm having some yummy Frosties along with my..uhmm...*counts bottles*...this is my 6th Dew I think.

I'm fucking bored, I'm so tired & sick but I can't sleep. I got to "wake up" for work in a few hours...ironically my FIRST DAY! Wooo....big fucking deal.

Oh here are unrelated incidents of the Shaved Head Syndrome:

I shaved my head and....

1- Shaikh Jaber died.

2- I got the flu.

3- My friends got the flu.

4- The whole fucking world is sick.

5- Iran decided to scare the fuck outta everyone & go on with their nuclear program.

6- A woman of 600 years old calls me cute at the supermarket.

7- My Papa John's leftover pizza mysteriously disappears. (I suspect the Large Rat living across the hall.)

8- I get a phone call with an automated recording telling me "Hello, this is an automated recording. Someone wants to speak to you." (what in the flying fuck....?)

9- I finally get to start my new job....I think.

10- I walk out of the barber shop, rubbing my newly shaven head...then suddenly with a screech & bang...some dumbass decided to crawl up a Chevy's rear-end.

How's that for the Shaved Head Syndrome? I should shave off my goatee & mustache. Maybe Elvis Presley will come back to life....


Dee said...

Elvis is The King - The King lives.

Your shaved head rocks and reminds me of some of my favorite famous and/or infamous people:

Yul Brynner in The Kind and I (but you need that piercing)

Ben Kingsley in Suspect Zero

Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins

Charlie Manson :P

Mr. Clean

don worry about a ting, 'cause erry little ting gonna be alright (Marley)

Яeema said...

why all this dirty words! didnt i told you b4 dont use them! 3eeeb!

try to speak with nice words , i dont want my daughter to see all this !

gooool el7emdella!
at least ur talking with me everyday! hahahahahah

it's a blessing!

Swair. said...

*sighs* thank god i don't have to shave me head.. EVER..

Jacqui said...

Thank God that when I cut my hair it didn't do me any trouble LOL other than my exams got postponed :P

But that's always a good thing right?

cheesegoddess said...

hey no need to feel down , it's contageous like flu ! ;( to tell the truth no one is happy .. everyone seems to be moody lately .. hope you get better ;)

Sty said...

who shaves their head in winter! well my bald friends do, but other than that the others grow it out till say april or may.

'3al6an 7ajy :P

Extinct Dodo said...

*plants big wet sloppy smooches on mini's giant... err.. frying pan*

Negatively Charged said...

lol! dodo needs some za3tar for the brain growing process .. and mini you need more za3tar for tongue cleaning process!

LaiaLy_q8 said...

i enjoyed every word you wrote i have no idea why

PS: i hope u feel better

Anonymous said...

dee: gotta love corgan! down with the king!

reema: sorry ma'am *washes mouth out with soap* i look rabid now don't i? >:)

swair: nice wig.

jackie: try shaving your head, you might get your PhD!

cheese: i'll clear that up for you sweety: for you women it's called PMS. not "moody"...& thanks :)

sty: i know, i know man..don't rub it in...but hey..i got called cute by the 600 yr old didn't.

dodo: now my pot is jealous ;/

charged: i need to plug you in for more thinking power ;p

laialy: you know, for some very weird reason i enjoyed it's the weirdness in us i guess.

P.S. Thanks *cough*

Swair. said...

wig? ok. u shall see your work. (bitshoof shughlik)

Anonymous said...

Approximately how much does it cost to have a

? I know that price will vary but I

had my nose broken and need bridge work. Any ideas? estimate? Range?