Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dude, Where's My Hair?!


w0o0o...i feel a breeze...*sobs* my silky haaaaaair! *bawls*

First time I shaved my head in like..uhmm...I don't really remember. As I sat there in the barber's chair..he looked at me & the dialogue goes as follows:

Moe: ha zayerna elyoum, le7ya?

Me: la abeek etgare3ni.

Moe: na3am? *stares* men sejek?

Me: ee gare3ni kho kaifi MOKHI! (shako mokhi sara7a madri.)

Moe: besmellah ilra7man ilra7eem...*starts rolling up his sleeves*

Me: shayefni kharoof il3eed? yakhi magelna thebee7a! (i DID have long hair)

Moe laughs crazily & proceeded to wield that fearsome buzzing shaving machine thru my it falls...

to the floor.. *stifles a sob*

I walk out about an hour later, & felt like someone put a fucking snow making machine blowing thru my hair...err...i mean over my HEAD. Brrr!

I look in the mirror while driving...who the hell is that? Oh...

myyyy haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiir *wails*

G'nite y'all...starting work tomorrow, today..uhh..whatever.


Negatively Charged said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3 !!!
your head reminds me of my ass!

Extinct Dodo said...

you is one sexy mudafuka.. it looks real hot on you you slick gangsta you..
can i finally say congrats on the job.. once and for all??

Extinct Dodo said...
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Anonymous said...

nega: u sux :(

dodo: u rox :)