Monday, January 23, 2006

Anonymously Ill-Informed

Ok let's start over again. My brother's previous post has created quite a racket, especially with a certain ill-informed "anonymous" user. Why use such a colorful limited vocabulary to express oneself?
I have a question for all the people out there, well...not all but for those of you who actually read my blog (my thanks to all of you, I really appreciate it!). My question is: WHY do people always jump and argue or debate issues with NO legit information to back them up?

It's human nature to argue or rather, to question. Actually, I like that. But when a person argues, they have to argue using "legal" sources, instead of depending on what "my friend" or "my parents" said. Or even on what the MEDIA state. Don't believe everything you see at the media.

Debate is a beautiful thing, I've participated in debate for a very short while once upon a time. And I LOVED it. Yet it's tougher than anyone can imagine, you really have to be well-informed and (this is for some people I know) well-EDUCATED. Up till this day I still debate with people. I still question people with an OPEN mind, educating myself on things I have never learned about.

Now back to the previous post: Kuwait has been known as a philanthropic country, where we dish out billions of dollars yearly to the unfortunate. We have always put others first and foremost before ourselves. That tells much about the Kuwaiti psyche. We MAY be racist, lazy and [add your rant here.]. But we, as many Arabs are, are a very honorable society who are "there" when someone needs us. The country itself is in need of a major infrastructure overhaul, we have a huge chunk of residential areas that still don't have the basic proper utilities. Ever asked WHY? It's because we always put our own needs aside when a disaster strikes. When war breaks out, we immediately jump to helping the war ravaged citizens of [insert country here].

And lastly I'd like to add, there are some issues that can never be resolved except by the will of God. Such as the Palestinian issue. We have fought that war for centuries. It USED to be a religious war, remember the Crusades? But now it's purely a political issue, in which the majority of the countries have decided that it's not worth the effort anymore. Instead, we decided to help the millions that have been suffering from that endless war. And I meant "we" not as a single nation, but as the world.

I've said my piece. Think before you comment.


Swair. said...

this post has said everything i had in mind :D except the part about the debate, i've never been part of a debate team, but i like to watch :p

Extinct Dodo said...

i love to cuss for the sake of cussing :D .. and i luuuuurve drama, especially when im the one who creastes it hehhehehehehe

A7med said...


what the hell can i QUEST with that palistinian dude?!

tadroon shloon? the hell with hes fake idea of the perfect world taht HE BUILT.

babooshka :D

Anonymous said...

swair: im psychic hehe...& u can watch me in action anytime, anywhere ;)

dodo: ever tried to audition for a soap opera? ;p

wizard: Aristotle said that.

A7med said...

Aristo? hehe, wanna bet mini?

YIWANG ZEN said that in 2400 (B. C.) or something.

once again, wanna bet? :D

Dee said...

"Accumulate learning by study, understand what you learn by questioning." – Zen Lessons, The Art of Leadership

"We learn by doing." - Aristotle


"I don't know, I don't care, and it doesn't make any difference!" - Einstein

Negatively Charged said...

guys .. google it oo fokkoona!

A7med said...

looks like DEE has a book OF some sort of QUOTATIONS or something, hehe, in the end, IT WAS ZEN :D

thanks dee, hardluck mini

Яeema said...

i know i was late here , but i guess their is a news thing here called the way of comunication with others.

not every subject you may have a backup for it, specialy subjects with woman issue for exp.

as they said :

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.

sometimes , you need to listen to the person more than argueing with him.
not becoz he got something useful he want to add for you.
no, it's may be he only need a listner to feel better ( woman for exp )

plus , some ppls dont like to show them that you know more than them.

it's a long story ,,,, coz this issue related to the person itself.

sorry for taking to much space :)

Anonymous said...

Reema: Ignorance may be bliss, but it's nice for a person to learn something new in life. To listen rather than speak without thinking.

You're right about the fools. We're overrun by them.

A7med said...

ee wallah, ashwa inna we are :D