Thursday, December 29, 2005

*****VOTE & WIN A FREE TICKET (almost)!

Where would you like to spend your winter break?

Home :)

*****Please E-mail me your credit card details so you can recieve your ticket!


Hussa-G said...

Yeah right I will give you my credit card number (6ageni 3ala rasi).
Take a hike buddy. ;p

Wizard-X said...

just that? oh ok, ,y credit card number is *********** :D

Negatively Charged said...

hussa-g : no tickets for you then. your loss :P

wizard-x : im gonna call Bader and let him "aTTaQ" you ! lol

Wizard-X said...

lol! A66ACK! lol

well i have one word for that A66ACKER:

*keep your friends close and your enemies closer* MARIO PUZU

Sty said...

heres mine: 123405678090

Actually I havent decided still busy with my finals grrr..2 semesters to go and I grad ba3dain atfara'3lik 3ala kaif kaifik lol

Swair. said...

i love home.

Яeema said...

i love lebanon and i hate cold weather

jawaher said...

can I say Italy ??

i cant go anywhere cos i have final exams this coming week and after vacation :(

Negatively Charged said...

To all who have exams, I say :
Weeeeeek..WeeeeeeK ;P ;P ;P

anyway, vote .. you will finish exams afterall :/

We wanna see where people usually go in winter breaks :D thanx for mosharakatkom el kareema .. but nobody sent el credit card details :|

The S. S. said...

i would love to stay in quite places .. .even in Shalih or Farm , but it seems to be @ home cuz of the sickness :~)
good job dude,,,

Negatively Charged said...

The Splendid Splinter : well..send ur credit details & win a FREE ticket ;P

I agree with you ..shalaih or the desert is fun. but i cant help it when it comes to Cairo.

Sever said...

But tickets are only for a plan, yes? :-/

Can I have the one for a train?

Negatively Charged said...

Northern color : Sure why not? wait till year 4590, they will open the Kuwait-Euro train.

A7med said...

wow, well, looks like everybody is going to ALMEIGNE (germany)

in your dreams friends :D

till next time

Q8's Biggest Loser said...

u expect me to get my hiney on mini air??? hahaha yeah u couldnt pay me enough baby... southwest thought they hadprobs with the drunken pilots hahaha but they got nothing on mini air either the plot is sleeping or hes taken his earphones off or he has no credit to contact air traffic control so he beeps them once and hopes they call back! heheheh jk monkey u know i wub u ha mita our soog il jumaa outing ??? holla atcha gurl! ya3ney im cool heheh

Negatively Charged said...

loser : lol .. your site was mine but i cancelled it :D

cheesegoddess said...

other , i'd choose japan