Sunday, December 25, 2005

Our beautiful desert

I'm not a professional photographer (as you can see!) just point-&-shoot.

Pictures from Al-Sabbiya (North of Kuwait) in the past couple of weeks.

Hope you likes :D


Hussa-G said...

Nice pictures.

Яeema said...

is this is kuwait for real!

Get a life here!
it's only sand hahahaha

i am joking with you, you know me always have something to say more than anyother bloger around here :p

this is why i dont see you on-line , athareek bel sabbiya!!!

Anonymous said...

Impressive pics. I can't believe this is what our desert looks like!:p I particularly like the one with the camels.

Dalalism said...

Hussa 7aaaysa bil BLOGS kelha :P . . I LOVE ur PIC wayid ..

Gr8 pics alla ewafgik :D

Anonymous said...

and a standing ovation for our creative guru Mr. Negatively Charged. *claps*

the desert is even more beautiful seen with your own eyes tho..i was there & it was gorgeous.

And great job with the flash banner bro ;)

Negatively Charged said...

Anonymous : haha .. hard to believe huh? believe me fee some people didnt go to the desert before! and those pics mo 3alashan etshoof el desert .. just scenery.

dalalism : thanx .. more to come.

miniR : im fainting!

Negatively Charged said...

hussa-g : thanx :D

reema: Go to Mcdonalds and order Za3tar burger.

jawaher said...

i can't see the pictures :(

nice layout by the way ;)

Negatively Charged said...

Jawaher : want my glasses? :P