Saturday, December 17, 2005

Have You Seen Me?

Name: Winter
Age: Eons
Missing Since: 2004
Last Seen In: Kuwait

Where Is Winter?


Яeema said...

القطب الشمالي و القطب الجنوبي

Anonymous said...

Just wait it will come and then u will wish it was hot!!!! why u can wear all ur new winter clothes????

Anonymous said...


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

It will never come around

Extinct Dodo said...

ana met7asfah 3ala all the winter stuff i bought :(

McArabian said...

Las seen: In California, giving McArabian a hard time and making her sick. Please come and get Winter, since it is not appreciated here.

Anonymous said...

reema: LOL

anonymous: actually i love winters

anonymous2: adri ;p

q8eya: did u get that from Nostradamus?

dodo: Earthquake victims in Pakistan could use those clothes?

mcarabian: i'll send in the CIA to kidnap Winter. (sorry to piss on your parade Condoleeza)

Negatively Charged said...

Seriously.. eat some za3tar!

Hussa-G said...

Last seen AWOL in the Alaska. So it better we send a rescue team to bring him back.
So pray very hard people for his safety and form him to come home.

Hussa-G said...

form = for

Sorry :P

Swair. said...

it'll come haba wa7da and it'll freeze balls off lol u just wait :p