Sunday, December 04, 2005


Ladies and a previous article titled "Whodunit?" I mentioned about the Egyptian con artist who has conned women for their money; using promises of marriage. Also he has had sexual relationships with several and according to police reports, many pictures of his 'victims' have been found on his PC.

Guess what? He has been set free with no charges against him. Welcome to Kuwait, the land of WASTA and CORRUPT MINDS. This shows how people in this country flaunt thier power over the justice system for their own corrupt schemes.

Where are we heading? When the innocent are grounded face first into the dirt, while TRASH like that get to walk free? What happened to honor and integrity? What happened to HONESTY?

It's fucked up people like that con artist's friends who keep sinking our country lower and lower into despair. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION?

This has pissed me off to no end and why do I have a feeling I'm the only one raging against the corrupt system?

Anyway, here is the article in arabic posted in Al-Watan

If there was any decent support, there would've been a wide scale protest against such corrupt practices...petitions...and people yelling to be heard. Fuck the system.


Sty said...

What was their excuse for letting him go?

"a friend maybe" said...

ok one question, and please be honest ... ma testakhdem el wa96a "ur self" ... its not like am with letting this stupid freak free .. but am just wondering plus this how it is here in kuwait .. ya nabdy neshteghel KILINA thed el wa96a ... aw nasket oo nestkhdem el wa96a bedal lant7l6am wa7na KIL SHIGHLNA bel wa96a ..

McArabian said...

That's effed :(

It's one thing to use wasta to get a job or get an upgrade on your plane ticket - it's a whole different thing entirely to use wasta to get away with a crime, especially a crime that victimizes women and children (having sex with a 12 yr old girl is rape in my view).

This guy should leave the country as quick as he can - I'm sure a few male family members will probably be looking for him.

jawaher said...

i dont believe that kuwai accepted hathe el ashkal :(

Anonymous said...

sty: no clue really..i doubt they had one.

"a friend": read what mcarabian said below..i will never use influence to get away from a crime.

mcarabian: i really hope they get to him.

jawaher: hathe ilashkal ga3da etmashi deeratna dear :/

Jay said...

He's back to jail .. stop crying now. jack as if u were one of his victims.

Swair. said...

yay he's back to jail :D

Hussa-G said...

Regardless what happen to the crook, just remember two things:
First: God is there and God knows what to do with those people.
Second: You are not alone in your fight.

Good on you man.

Яeema said...

eshda3wa leesh ma et7etly comments on my blog!

basawy strike!