Wednesday, December 07, 2005


How does it feel to be an outcast?

How does it feel to be misunderstood?

Ever asked yourself, "Who am I?"


Extinct Dodo said...

Life's a bitch. deal with it. we're all outcasts and outsiders, the odd ones out and the freaks, all in our own special ways. part of the big master plan. *sigh*

Яeema said...

i am always having this problem
from talking a lot!

jawaher said...

I understand your quesitions

but unfortunatly I have no answer:(

McArabian said...

- An outcast from what? I'm aware that my views would never allow me to be completely comfortable in typical Kuwaiti society, but as long as I have my family's support, I'm good. It's trying to make my family proud of me while still being true to myself that's the challenge.

-It's always frustrating to be misunderstood. Always.

- I'm less worried about who I am now than I am about who I will be.

SheWolf said...

Unless one suffers from serious amnesia, I don't consider that a serious question. Here's my evaluation, generally your teen years would pose that question..and during your teens and early 20's (if you play yur cards right) you manage to uncover much of who you are to answer your question.
I agree with Mcarabian, I'm more concerned with who i will be than who i am now

feeling misunderstood? Im in that boat every day of my life. Feels frustrating, yes, but life goes on

Outcast? feels lonely, yes, humans are in a sense 'pack animals' and desire bonding with others of their kind in whatever ways. Yet just because your not the 'mediocre' and are 'cast out' doesnt mean you're in the wrong

Anonymous said...

Ok..most of you guys gave answers that varied WILDLY out of sync from each other.
Think again & let me know ;)

McArabian: ur getting warmer.

SheWolf: HUH?!

Swair. said...

i hate feeling like an outcast :(

Extinct Dodo said...

lets all 'group' hug

the 101 said...

You mean you still get confused after your early twenties?! Lat7ab6ooni! i thought i left that behind at 16 :@

Sty said...

Its frustrating when your explaining something to someone and they don't understand it or what the point your trying to put across. Its also frustrating when they think that even though they believe what they didn't understand in the first place, that their right and your wrong. (Even if they didn't know what the hell I'm talking about..I hate smartasses :P)

Extinct Dodo said...

*gives sty a bewildered look and a big loud 'huh?!?!?!'* :P

SheWolf said...

ok so apparently i managed to get myself misunderstood... see?