Sunday, December 11, 2005


To float within this barren void, naked and cold. So empty and devoid of all emotions. I welcome that emptiness, I look around me and see infinite nothingness. My only hope lies within that pinpoint light out there in the distance. With determination I fight my way through this viscous emptiness towards it.

Hope. That's what was left behind in the fabled Pandora's Box. All the sorrows visited upon this empty husk, sucking the energy ever so increasingly; lifeless.

Fighting one's own lifelong battles can bring down even the toughest of people. Yet those who put all their belief that there is hope, keep fighting. Promises easily said, can be easily broken. Yet promises given through the blood and tears, are indestructible. There are causes worth fighting for out there. One may not win the war, but may have one a battle. That alone is worth remembering.

These battles I will fight, even if I may not win the war.


Sty said...

Real nice, made me think a bit..Just one typo..Last sentence,
"One may not win the war, but may have one a battle." shouldnt it be won the battle :P

Again its great and makes me think bout things i struggled with.

Jay said...

Boring. stop posting ur romantic-drama-crap..lets have something funny instead !

McArabian said...

In order to win your war you need to pick your battles carefully.

That's my wisdom for the day, I'm gonna go watch cartoons now.

Anonymous said...

Emo in Kuwait just doesn't work very well. Suicide, on the other hand, works great. I don't think it has ever happened in Kuwait, other than maids jumping off roofs and Indian guys hanging themselves in Murgab. You'll be famous.

Anonymous said...

sty: sorry i didnt notice the typo lol

jay: do your part then?

mcarabian: true that

anonymous: suicide is for extremely stupid & cowardly people.

MSB said...

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old time is aflying.. and this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying"

What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. Very cliche, yet very true. Unfortunately, sometimes it also makes us bitter and with a much lower level of tolerance.

Good luck holding on to hope. Sometimes it does a good job of hiding. Faith, on the other hand, is eternal!

Good luck.

Hussa-G said...

Hold on my friend.
Don't turn to the darkside. Be strong and have faith and fight it off. Don't giveup the fight and always remember we all go through what your going through and your not alone. I too have my bad moments. And everyone have his/her bad day and story.

Now GETOVER it and start to live and enjoy your life. YOU only live once.