Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Profane Post

Dear Reader, If foul language easily offends you, then I advise you to either browse away from this blog, or simply click on that little x in the upper-right hand corner of your browser. For I’m about to swear worse than a drunken sailor (I have an inventively foul mouth).

What the fuck is wrong with everyone’s driving? Isn’t it enough that one of the nicest people I’ve ever known got killed in one, someone else has to attempt to take away another great person? You’re driving a fucking car not riding some flea-ridden mangy camel you dumbass!

Early this morning, a young couple was driving peacefully along the 4th Ring Road heading towards Rawda. The husband, already suffering massive health problems due to bad kidneys was the passenger. As the traffic light turns green, their car moves forward for a few yards when suddenly out of nowhere a car roars and broadsides them.

The dumbfuck shot through a red light and rammed right into my cousin and his wife, turning their car into an unrecognizable mass of wrecked metal.
The wife suffered a severe concussion and a broken arm. My dear cousin suffered a broken shoulder, a deep gash in his thigh (lost a lot of blood) and one part of his backbone got dislocated. All they wanted was to head to my uncle’s house so he can go for Eid prayers early this morning.

The guy who rammed into him? Oh he’s fucking fine, all he needs is a good whipping and a one-way ticket to hell.

What the hell is wrong with everyone? Last week I avoided being broadsided by some dumbfuck in Mishref who shot through TWO red lights! Thank God for German cars. Two weeks ago I lost my best friend in a fatal car accident. Last night I saw one hell of a bad car wreck, which I truly doubt the person survived.

Traffic lights are not Christmas decorations; they are put there for a perfectly fucking logical reason! It was a RED light you dumbfuck and you landed a perfectly innocent sick man in the hospital because of your fucking stupidity!
I’ve held on to my rage all through the day, went to survey the accident scene. I purposely did not take any pictures this time because the scene was too horrible. This is definitely not the way to start such a special occasion in our lives. No fucking way to treat such a happy and sweet family with such a rude thing like that.

I’ve said my piece; this is dedicated to you cousin…get well soon! Salamat oo matshofon shar inshallah…kha6ak ilso’o yal ghali.

Oh and Eid Mubarak everyone. Heh.


McArabian said...

Amen to the whipping.
I thought traffic laws in Kuwait were getting tougher? Weirdly enough, most of the drivers in Kuwait just don't have good driving skills. It took my friend in California a month to teach me to drive properly (I'm a stubborn one) - and none of it had to do with speeding, it's mostly weird inane stuff like how to check for cars before changing lanes, etc. I'm sorry about your friend, and your cousin.

Here's hoping the rest of your week gets better.

Eidik Imbarak.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if you heard about the truck that crashed into a bridge between salwa and mishref? lol the poor truck driver was astonished to find that the top part of his truck (im not into machines and all so i dont know the garb, but im sure you get my drift) had risen, as if by magic, all on its own accord, and had attached itself to the bridge. the truck itself had to be sown in half for it to be moved off the highway... i was stuck in traffic from 4:45 til 5:30.. and it was the last day of ramadan... fuck i missed my favourite shows :s dangerous obstacles like 20 meter high bridges should be removed from all areas so our unsuspecting expats can drive with a blindfold without worrying about killing the rest of the nation.. ya 7asrity


jawaher said...

oh I can share u the same feelings since my brother had a very atrocious car accedint last month ...i can say that 70% of death reasons is due to car accidents :(

eid mubarak :D

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

welcome to Kuwait. Everyday and while driving, an idiot would almost get me killed. Driving education is what we need.

Anonymous said...

mcarabian: i sat thru endless hrs of tests back in florida..i know the feeling lol

Noha: oh yeah i saw that one i've been chuckling all day long at the scene ;)

jawaher: im sorry about ur bro..i suffered the same myself 4 times..4th time was a dumb cop who shot thru 2 red lights at 140kph my ass still gives me a twinge when i see a cop ;p

shopaholic: Edu-WHAT?! (get my point?)

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

yeh, I do ;P