Friday, November 11, 2005

No More KFC?

The Bird Flu is causing one hell of a panic around the world. Scientists wetting themselves trying to figure out how to quarantine this pandemic. For those people who died, well...birds are not meant to be slept with y'all.

In Kuwait we had two cases? Newspapers trumpeting the impending doom of the nation. Like, guys...I know most people aren't well educated in medicine, yet the Bird Flu is quite hard to get. Unless your dumb enough to go licking some sick bird, then chances you'll get the flu is virtually 0%.

Why am I saying this? Simple logic, I've been reading about it, if it's left unchecked then will be the Black Death revisited and we will go back to the Middle Ages where we burn our families and friends. But thank God for modern medicine, it's VERY tough for the flu to jump from a bird to a human.

So hang on to your pants/skirts and keep your cool. Within the past four days, I've had different families saying they totally quit eating chicken or any other fowl. That's complete B.S.!

Avoid the wild birds that are known to migrate back and forth to Kuwait. Avoid hunting and most of all, avoid PANICKING!

mmmm...machbous deyay anyone? *licks*


Sty said...

True, and cooking it or boiling or soaking in vinegar (I heard) takes away the infection. Its Mostly an airborne virus, but no Hunting! Awww Come on! its the best time to go to the 3irzala :P

I'm in the mood for a sorta chicken with cream sauce, pasta, and mushrooms. Shrayik? :P

Anonymous said...

ayam ajdadna yahom marath el 6a3on o gabel cham sena jenon el baqar then yanna nefooq el asmaak o now bird flu hmmmm!! elkuwaiteyeen habba ma3a el khel ya shagra al7en ely 3enda 6yor ebait`hom telgah 7afar lehom 7ofra o 7arag`hom (ya 7araam) :( alah e3een el6yor o ely bero7on ganas ,, anyway ana wayed wedy akel machbos deyay etha wedek 7ayak alah el3ain awsa3lek men elmokan ;)

Swair. said...

amoot 3al chicken... 3acheeb... :p

Anonymous said...

sty: i miss the chicken n mushrooms..yalla im coming over!

anonymous: nefooq ilasmak was caused by the dumbasses dumping sewage. me & some other guy took a dive up north & we took core samples of the seabed. More than 1 meter of sewage...our bay is desolate. the EPA never released the 'classified' info..but then again..guess who has that info? ;)

swair: CHEEKEN RULEZ! meshtehi some down n dirty KFC now.

William said...

"Wow, this chicken tastes like influenza."

Seriously, I had KFC yesterday. I hope it's not contagious if it is cooked.

Jay said...

SwAiR said...
amoot 3al chicken... 3acheeb... :p

11/12/2005 9:38 AM

Aham shay el badliya "3acheeb" i think you're infected :P

Anonymous said...

william: KFC is considered health food in q8.

Jay: Get lost bro.

Anonymous said...

daym furgit dem! ill just grab me a wan 8... n hed owt intu da daysert n shoot me a nise ThuB.. thro sum barb beku sawce on it grill it up in a pit... get ur Mara too kook u up sum ryce and a machboos de pollo feast u will have! and damn if it dont taste like chikin!;)

Swair. said...

Jay: mo badliya, i did that on purpose... i'm creative, y'see :p

Jay said...

swair : ee ee rag3eeha !

and jack .. cant get lost .. sorry..