Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Negative Globalization

I remember once receiving a humorous email that satirically gives us the effects of globalization. It shows the famous McDonald’s double arch all over the world map, including Afghanistan and other war torn countries.

A bit closer to home, I have been noticing the effects of globalization all over the country. According to a friend and to quote her, “globalization has a negative effect on this country.” I agree with her totally considering the fact that we were having a coffee at Marina Mall yesterday afternoon. I see bed-heads, people in ravaged clothes that they supposedly bought for a fortune. I even offered someone to tear up his clothes for a much cheaper price than what his “A|X” shirt costs on the market.

Oh and the funniest scene I observed were two guys in navy blue pants and white shirts. No tie, a shirt unbuttoned to reveal their chests, a MASS of MESSY hair on the head (the bed-head look) and what’s so cute is that they’re wearing their merchant marine uniforms and strutting around the mall. They looked totally like shit; I mean what the fuck…you go to work like THAT?

I honestly have no idea what people think when they go out looking like that. Your hair is a mess? Well wear a baseball cap if you don’t feel like brushing it down. Barbers are there for a good reason; the hair accessories industry will probably declare bankruptcy because of this phenomenon.

If I was a girl, and my man woke up looking like that next to me, I’d scream bloody murder and boot his ass right outta bed. Trust me everyone, that ‘bed-head’ look REALLY looks like crap. Get rid of it. Globalization is meant to have a positive effect, but this lovely Kuwaiti population seems to weed out the good from the bad. And use only the bad side of it.

Give this country a good image home and abroad everyone, looking like shit is exactly what it is…like shit.


McArabian said...

I use the nickname McArabian as reaction towards globalization - the McArabia that McDonalds tries to pawn off to us in Kuwait is pretty offensive, yet amusing.

Sometimes I feel like the only real thing that connects me to Kuwait is (like the McArabia) my name.

Bas about the hair - it's just a fad, they'll get over it soon enough :)

Sty said...

Actually that look is called The Digital Pokemon look :P and yes Barbers make a fortune from them..Seriously the blow dry and shape and whatever, my barber laughs and goes "9aydat wayid 3indekoum interazag allah min warahoum" :P

And the Merchant marine Guys. These people are a disgrace man, thats the uniform for the Telecommunications and Navigation Institute (Ma3had ite9alat oo Mela7a). They give real mariners (I know a few and they complain bout them, and how they studied years abroad for their license to don the uniform and these guys just put it on and disgrace it) a bad name wiya 7araka-houm oo sowalif gaz in uniform.

Nice Blog BTW keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

mcarabian: "fads" brought down the USSR if you really take a closer look & other countries.

sty: "digital pokemon" hahaha! that cracked me up..aptly named! And ur barber is quite right...maybe i should quit the pc biz & get into the hair biz...wat do u think? My friend is a merchant marine & he's totally pissed at these morons too.
Thanks for the encouragement...ppl like u are fueling my fingers ;)

Swair. said...

i agree with sty and macarabian, pokémons are just a fad, believe me, it'll alll go away...

we hope it's more sooner than later...