Saturday, November 12, 2005

Face Lift

It must be the Age of Face Lifts. No, I'm not talking about those fake, plastic women I see on TV and everywhere else. I'm talking about my blog.

I'll be giving this blog a new face lift, my own there MIGHT be some downtime in the near future. Don't ask why I'm doing this so soon when I've only got a few posts on this blog, it's just that I like change. Whoever has any objections, go boil an egg.

Whoever would like to volunteer a nice looking template for my site, then please...don't hesitate to email me!


Яeema said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey i am the first
i want a face lift

if you dont give me now i will go to the show ( The SWAN )

i want can I :)

but it must be a nice and sweet like me :)

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I said it already, It is the blog's makeover month!

jawaher said...

changes is good ..please change ur photo 2 pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase :P

Anonymous said...

reema: LOL..u want a new blog template for ur face?! ;p

shopaholic: yep

jawaher: which pic? the one i posted is picasso...the one in my profile is actually named Mr. Underwear lol...

jawaher said...

the one in ur profile ...ya5e trwe3 ana arsem a7san menha :P

Яeema said...

mini-R :
do you think i realy need a face lift?

pleas tell me i dont have trust on my self :/

i didnt expected to be like that ur blog , it's more than lovely ,

simple and relaxing , you only have to read , not looking around searching for the right colour and what to choes .

Swair. said...

face lifts for templates rokh (rock ya3ni)!!!!
i'm getting one.. why u qaleding?! u always qaled meee :p