Monday, November 28, 2005

Use Your Imagination

Hello once again dear reader. Today I'd like each & every one of you to tap into the imaginative part of your mind...and keep reading the following information.
The following is pretty interesting information about the Islamic World...and I say "world" because we are of one people, one language (the Koran is in Arabic) and one God.

There are 55 Islamic nations in the world. That's it?! Yep, thats it...but think of it this way...imagine all of those 55 nations are actually one great empire spanning over multiple continents. Remember our empire back before the crusades? Ok now that you see this empire...imagine the following numbers.

As of 2003 the muslim population has reached a staggering 1.70 billion (approx.). Imagine all those people are of ONE nation...what do you see in your mind?

McArabian posted an interesting article about the restrictions on Haj. And I p
osted this in tandem with the useful information she posted on her blog. Thanks McArabian for the useful info, I missed that one in the papers! :)

For any of you who are interested in the facts I posted above and my reference to the old islamic empire I mentioned..don't hesitate to check out the following links:

McArabian's McAnnoyances

Islamic World

Islamic Population

And last but not least I have been reading a great book called: A History of the Arab Peoples by Albert Hourani

I hope that interested for thought everyone :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Oasis 2005 - Heidi Fleiss Style!

Ladies, start packing soon...your wildest dreams have finally been fulfilled! Read on for more information...sorry guys...nothing for you...yet *winks*

By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss, whose previous career running a call-girl ring landed her in prison, is returning to the world's oldest profession -- to open a Nevada brothel catering to women.

Fleiss said on Thursday she has struck a deal with a licensed brothel owner in Nevada, where prostitution is legal, to turn one of his three establishments, the Cherry Patch, into a glitzy new bordello that she will rename Heidi Fleiss' Stud Farm.

She plans to remodel the building, located outside the town of Pahrump, Nevada, west of Las Vegas near the California border, with skylights, marble tiling, palm trees and waterfalls, and hopes to reopen the business within two months.

Fleiss said she is taking applications from men seeking to work in what she says will be the world's first licensed brothel catering exclusively to female clients.

"The Hollywood Madam is looking for a few good men out there," she told Reuters in a telephone interview in the midst of her move from Los Angeles to Nevada. "It's going to be an oasis in the desert."

Fleiss said she is aiming for an initial stable of about 20 male prostitutes who would charge $250 an hour -- far less, she said, then the fees paid by clients of the call-girl ring she ran a decade ago.

"Prostitution and modeling are the only businesses where women make more money than men," she said, adding that her "studs" would split their earnings 50/50 with her, but "keep all their tips."

Fleiss acknowledged that her biggest potential obstacle is her 1995 conviction on federal charges of tax evasion and money laundering, stemming from her prostitution service catering to the rich and famous. She ultimately served 21 months in prison and was released in November 1998.

Nevada state law allows counties to deny a brothel license to convicted felons, although Fleiss said she knows of several bordello owners with criminal records. She also said her plan was to operate her "stud farm" under an existing license.

"There's still a little bit of legalities that we're working through, but it's going to be OK," she said.

Her Las Vegas-based lawyer, Richard Schonfeld, said Fleiss will not be an owner or licensee of the establishment but merely an employee with the title of "madam/hostess."

She must first obtain a work card from the county sheriff's department, a process that requires far less scrutiny than applying for a business license, Schonfeld said.

"She just wants to be employed there and go through the regular steps that any employee at a brothel has to go through," he said. "She going to lend her name and her charm to the business."

Representatives of the Nye County Commission could not immediately be reached for comment. Commission chairwoman Candice Trummell told the Los Angeles Times that county attorneys were reviewing the proposed business and it was unclear whether it would be approved.

Assuming the brothel opens as planned, Fleiss said she is certain there will be plenty of demand for its services.

"Women make more money these days, they're calling the shots, they're more powerful. And let's face it, it's hard to meet someone," she said.

"And then you've got the situation with the old husband leaving his wife for the younger girl, and the lady sitting at home crying. Well, now she has a place to go, and say, 'Right back at you, buddy, and on your credit card.'"

Gotta love that last paragraph eh? For those of you who need a map, email me. ;)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Politically Incorrect

This is a pretty interesting article I found in Reuter's Oddly Enough page. I love their odd news and regularly check in for more. Now didn't we get over those "Politically Correct" days? Read on...

By Arthur Spiegelman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In 2005, some people wanted the word "brainstorming" replaced by "thought shower" so as not to offend people with brain disorders, and they also wanted "deferred success" to replace "failure" so as not to embarrass those who don't succeed.

Both phrases appear on a tongue-in-cheek list released on Thursday of the year's most politically correct words and phrases issued by Global Language Monitor, a nonprofit group that monitors language use.

The phrase that topped this year's list was "misguided criminals," one of several terms the British Broadcasting Corporation used so as not to use the word "terrorist" in describing those who carried out train and bus bombings in London that killed 52 people in July, according to Paul JJ Payack, the head of Global Language Monitor.

He added, "The BBC attempts to strip away all emotion by using what it considers 'neutral' descriptions when describing those who carried out the bombings in the London Tubes."

Second on the list was "Intrinsic Aptitude," a phrase used by Harvard University President Lawrence Summers to explain why women might be underrepresented in engineering and science. The phrase met with "deferred success" and Summers had to fight to keep to his job.

"Thought shower" was third and a French word for riff-raff or scum, "la racaille," was fourth thanks to being used by French Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy to describe rioters of Muslim and North African descent in suburbs outside of Paris.

"Out of the mainstream," which Payack said was used to describe the ideology of any political opponent, was fifth and in sixth place was "deferred success" the euphemism for "fail" that Britain's Professional Association of Teachers considered using to bolster students' "self-esteem." The move met with "deferred success."

Seventh on the list was "womyn" for women in order to distance the word from men and eighth was using C.E. (Common Era) for A.D (Latin for "Year of Our Lord") so as to be more neutral in dates.

Ninth on the top 10 list was words and phrases that either de-Christianize the Christian holidays or neuter their genders. For example "God Rest Ye Merry Persons" replaces "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and "Seasons Greetings" replaces "Merry Christmas."

In 10th place was a move aimed at the heart of Australian culture when security staff were banned from using the word "mate" to address members of parliament. The MPs rebelled and said not being called "mate" was unpatriotic.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Face Lift

It must be the Age of Face Lifts. No, I'm not talking about those fake, plastic women I see on TV and everywhere else. I'm talking about my blog.

I'll be giving this blog a new face lift, my own there MIGHT be some downtime in the near future. Don't ask why I'm doing this so soon when I've only got a few posts on this blog, it's just that I like change. Whoever has any objections, go boil an egg.

Whoever would like to volunteer a nice looking template for my site, then please...don't hesitate to email me!

Friday, November 11, 2005

No More KFC?

The Bird Flu is causing one hell of a panic around the world. Scientists wetting themselves trying to figure out how to quarantine this pandemic. For those people who died, well...birds are not meant to be slept with y'all.

In Kuwait we had two cases? Newspapers trumpeting the impending doom of the nation. Like, guys...I know most people aren't well educated in medicine, yet the Bird Flu is quite hard to get. Unless your dumb enough to go licking some sick bird, then chances you'll get the flu is virtually 0%.

Why am I saying this? Simple logic, I've been reading about it, if it's left unchecked then will be the Black Death revisited and we will go back to the Middle Ages where we burn our families and friends. But thank God for modern medicine, it's VERY tough for the flu to jump from a bird to a human.

So hang on to your pants/skirts and keep your cool. Within the past four days, I've had different families saying they totally quit eating chicken or any other fowl. That's complete B.S.!

Avoid the wild birds that are known to migrate back and forth to Kuwait. Avoid hunting and most of all, avoid PANICKING!

mmmm...machbous deyay anyone? *licks*

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Starbucks Empire

This will be quite a short post but it should be quite interesting to all you Starbucks addicts out there. Reliable sources told me quite an interesting fact about the ever expanding Starbucks Empire. The Dark Forces have offered "decaf" coffee to consumers for years. Yet studies show that NONE of the Evil Empire's coffees are decaf!
Old news? I dunno but I thought I'd share this with the Starbucks Empire's sycophants. You all have been misleaded! DOWN WITH THE EVIL EMPIRE!

Check the logo carefully and you'll know why I rant n rave. Ok, ok...I admit, I AM a regular customer of Starbucks but not for their coffees...for the free WiFi connections ;)

Free? Oh I know everyone buys cards, etc...etc...1KD for an hour...ripping people off...but hey...I'm a geek remember? I always know my shortcuts. :)

Enjoy yer cuppa, folks.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Negative Globalization

I remember once receiving a humorous email that satirically gives us the effects of globalization. It shows the famous McDonald’s double arch all over the world map, including Afghanistan and other war torn countries.

A bit closer to home, I have been noticing the effects of globalization all over the country. According to a friend and to quote her, “globalization has a negative effect on this country.” I agree with her totally considering the fact that we were having a coffee at Marina Mall yesterday afternoon. I see bed-heads, people in ravaged clothes that they supposedly bought for a fortune. I even offered someone to tear up his clothes for a much cheaper price than what his “A|X” shirt costs on the market.

Oh and the funniest scene I observed were two guys in navy blue pants and white shirts. No tie, a shirt unbuttoned to reveal their chests, a MASS of MESSY hair on the head (the bed-head look) and what’s so cute is that they’re wearing their merchant marine uniforms and strutting around the mall. They looked totally like shit; I mean what the fuck…you go to work like THAT?

I honestly have no idea what people think when they go out looking like that. Your hair is a mess? Well wear a baseball cap if you don’t feel like brushing it down. Barbers are there for a good reason; the hair accessories industry will probably declare bankruptcy because of this phenomenon.

If I was a girl, and my man woke up looking like that next to me, I’d scream bloody murder and boot his ass right outta bed. Trust me everyone, that ‘bed-head’ look REALLY looks like crap. Get rid of it. Globalization is meant to have a positive effect, but this lovely Kuwaiti population seems to weed out the good from the bad. And use only the bad side of it.

Give this country a good image home and abroad everyone, looking like shit is exactly what it is…like shit.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Profane Post

Dear Reader, If foul language easily offends you, then I advise you to either browse away from this blog, or simply click on that little x in the upper-right hand corner of your browser. For I’m about to swear worse than a drunken sailor (I have an inventively foul mouth).

What the fuck is wrong with everyone’s driving? Isn’t it enough that one of the nicest people I’ve ever known got killed in one, someone else has to attempt to take away another great person? You’re driving a fucking car not riding some flea-ridden mangy camel you dumbass!

Early this morning, a young couple was driving peacefully along the 4th Ring Road heading towards Rawda. The husband, already suffering massive health problems due to bad kidneys was the passenger. As the traffic light turns green, their car moves forward for a few yards when suddenly out of nowhere a car roars and broadsides them.

The dumbfuck shot through a red light and rammed right into my cousin and his wife, turning their car into an unrecognizable mass of wrecked metal.
The wife suffered a severe concussion and a broken arm. My dear cousin suffered a broken shoulder, a deep gash in his thigh (lost a lot of blood) and one part of his backbone got dislocated. All they wanted was to head to my uncle’s house so he can go for Eid prayers early this morning.

The guy who rammed into him? Oh he’s fucking fine, all he needs is a good whipping and a one-way ticket to hell.

What the hell is wrong with everyone? Last week I avoided being broadsided by some dumbfuck in Mishref who shot through TWO red lights! Thank God for German cars. Two weeks ago I lost my best friend in a fatal car accident. Last night I saw one hell of a bad car wreck, which I truly doubt the person survived.

Traffic lights are not Christmas decorations; they are put there for a perfectly fucking logical reason! It was a RED light you dumbfuck and you landed a perfectly innocent sick man in the hospital because of your fucking stupidity!
I’ve held on to my rage all through the day, went to survey the accident scene. I purposely did not take any pictures this time because the scene was too horrible. This is definitely not the way to start such a special occasion in our lives. No fucking way to treat such a happy and sweet family with such a rude thing like that.

I’ve said my piece; this is dedicated to you cousin…get well soon! Salamat oo matshofon shar inshallah…kha6ak ilso’o yal ghali.

Oh and Eid Mubarak everyone. Heh.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Carpe Diem

It's been awhile since my last post due to the untimely death of my best friend and a few other unrelated events. Yet, so far I'm doing fine...I have found the strength to laugh and smile again, I do have a few sad moments when I remember certain places and things we've shared together...oh goes on.

Anyway, there is a new site dedicated in Amer Al-Ajmi's memory with great pics of him and a guestbook filled to bursting...mashallah! Thanks to Anwar Jawhar for the effort & time put in the site for the GREATEST person I've ever known in my life...good job Anwar! :)

I have no idea what to write except an Eid Mubarak to everyone and I hope this Ramadan has been a great one for everyone. Hopefully my next post will resume my daily journals, I seem to have been frozen for awhile...but I feel a need to write again...check back soon!

Click here for Amer's site.