Saturday, October 08, 2005

Women are EVUL!

Here's a little joke a friend emailed to me recently...I got a twinge in my brain just thinking what women would actually do to us men...enjoy! ;)

A girl and her boyfriend go to the pub. When it's her turn to buy a round, she tells him of a wonderful new drink that he simply must try.
She returns with the usual lager for herself but for him she has two glasses and a salt shaker.
One glass contains a measure of Baileys, and the other has lime juice.
"Okay, what you have to do is to put a large pinch of salt on your tongue, swig the Baileys, hold it in your mouth and then drink the lime juice."
He looks a bit dubious, but she's very enthusiastic so he decides to give it a go.
First the salt...fine, he handles that.
Next the Baileys...lovely, smooth, creamy warm feeling in the mouth... a bit odd with the salt though.
Then he takes the lime juice.
One second passes and the cream in Baileys curdles...
Three seconds pass and the boyfriends face turns to the same color as the lime juice...
Six seconds pass and the boyfriend calms his stomach and swallows the gunge...
Eight seconds pass and she whispers in his ear... "It's called a Blowjob's Revenge."

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الجاحظ said...

beleive me there is no such a thing called blow jobs revenge, women enjoy doin it ten times more than we do

good one anyway, and good luck with ur blog :)